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How to choose Comfortable high heels

Comfortable high heels: 6 Best practices to pick the right shoes

We all know it: comfortable high heels are a Petite woman's best friend. They make you look taller and make any outfit more stylish. But, finding the right pair is ...
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6 common mistakes short women do when it comes to fashion

6 Fashion Faux Pas you might be making as a Petite woman

If you are a short woman, you might be making these fashion faux pas. Check out the list of the 6 most common mistakes short girls tend to make. You ...
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Petite taille vs grande taille le match

Short Girls vs Tall Girls : who has it better?

You are short. You know it well. But as we often tell you: being short sometimes has its advantages. With, a French women's webzine, we had fun doing a ...
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Petite fashion in Brazil

What is it like to be a Short Woman in Brazil ?

Being Petite is an issue that is encountered by many women across the world. So, we were wondering what it feels like to be a short woman in other countries ...
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best backpack for petite female traveler

How to pick the perfect backpack when you are a Petite female traveler

One big advantage of being short when you are traveling is that you can fit pretty much everywhere. There are no leg room issues in planes, trains or cars. Beds ...
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fashion after 40 year old

Interviewing Veronique, our 60 year old Petite Model

You may have seen her on some of our videos. Her name is Veronique and she gladly accepted to be part of our Petite fashion models. In her daily life, ...
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femme de petite taille enceinte

Do Short women face more difficulties when pregnant ? Testimonials and advices

Pregnancy is an important event for a woman. If most of the time, it is a real source of joy and happiness, it can also be a source of concern ...
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La Slow Life

The Benefits of Slow Life

Nowadays, everything seems to be going fast. You can travel from one place to another in a couple of hours. The latest news reaches you within the time it takes ...
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Dont shop at kid's department store if you are petite

5 reasons why you should not shop at the kid department if you are Petite

Do you often shop your clothes at the kid department ? Here are 5 reasons why we think you should stop. But of course, you are totally free to do ...
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Petite and thin

How To Dress When You Are Thin And Petite

Many women envy those who are fine. However, when you are petite and thin, it can be difficult to find a combination that will not make you look like a ...
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petite and curvy woman

What To Wear When You Are Petite And Curvy?

Most fashion brands tend to believe that when you wear a medium or a large size, you are really tall. Though that may be true most of the time, that ...
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what's my body type ?

What’s My Body Type?

Am I an apple, a pear, a rectangle, an hourglass or an inverted triangle? Every fashion magazine, every tv show about fashion style and every stylist talk about it. So ...
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activités à faire pendant le confinement

7 Activities you can do to take advantage of the Lockdown

If we unfortunately cannot control the date on which we will be deconfined, nor the conditions of the deconfinement, we can control what we do with our time. Time is ...
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45 short people problems that are really annoying

45 (sometimes) Annoying Short Girl Problems

Being short has a lot of advantages. But there are also many situations that are a little bit annoying on a daily basis. But it’s totally okay to laugh about ...
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journée internationale de la femme

International women’s Day : Still a long way to go

At Les Petites Ambitieuses, we don't hide it. We are a bit feminist and very idealistic. DID YOU KNOW ? THIS DATA ON GENDER-TO-WORK INEQUALITIES MEANS FOR THEMSELVES.Since March 1, ...
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Caroline, petite fashion model

Who Is Caroline, Our Petite Model?

You saw her on our photos, on our social networks, our website and during our Little Fashion Show parade. But who is this red-hair Petite woman named Caroline? Today, let ...
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vêtements femme taille petite

What’s The Difference Between Standard Brands And Petite Clothes Brands?

If you are short yourself, you must have noticed that it is not always easy to find clothes that fits Petite body types. WHY IS IT SO HARD TO FIND ...
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idées reçues sur les manteaux

6 Misconceptions We Have About Winter Coats

Winter is the coat season. The coat is the one garment we wear all the time in this season. But how to choose the best winter coat for you and ...
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sports petite can do

5 Sports In Which Being Short Is An Advantage

Being short is not necessarily a disadvantage. Besides, in a previous article, we highlighted 16 perks of being short. Today, we present to you 5 sports for which being short ...
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Christmas petite outfits

What To Wear When You Are Petite To Shine During End-Of-Year Parties?

The end of year celebrations are a great opportunity to get out of your best attire. And if you are Petite, nothing prevents you from being beautiful and elegant too ...
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Chloé la nymphe

Interview With Chloe, Petite Nymphe Of Youtube

Mercredi dernier, nous vous avons présenté le projet que nous avons eu un commun avec la youtubeuse Chloé de la chaîne Petite Nymphe. Aujourd’hui, elle revient avec nous pour nous ...
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Minnie Mouse Disneybound

Disney Inspired : We Recreated Minnie Mouse’s Look !

We’ve been talking about it for a while. Now is finally the time to present you what we have been working on with the Youtuber Chloé Petite Nymphe. Did you ...
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black friday advices

How to take advantage of the Black Friday sales?

Today is Black Friday and the start of a weekend of promotions. In this article, we are giving you the keys to getting real bargains during the day and avoiding ...
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surprise coming soon

Something Magical Is Coming Soon !

With the holidays approaching, we wanted to make you a little surprise. We felt in a festive mood and we wanted to bring a little bit of a dream for ...
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comment bien choisir son vêtement en laine

How to pick the right wool ?

Wool as a raw material is classified according to its origin. That is to say the name of the animal that produced its fleece. There is a wide variety. We ...
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manteau 100% laine femme petite

10 reasons to wear Wool Clothes

A large quantity of raw materials is used in textiles and the world of clothing. They can be synthetic or natural and each will have very specific properties.Today, we’d like ...
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Les actrices petites qui déchirent

16 Petite Actresses Who Rock

All these actresses do not exceed 5’2 and yet, they moved us to tears or make us laugh out loud. They all have in her this little extra something that ...
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comment faire durer les vêtements

The 7 Only Tips You Need To Make Your Clothes Last

Nowadays, we buy often and throw clothes away almost as fast. A little hole and it goes straight to the trash bin! But that’s the deal with Fast fashion: a ...
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comment plier un t-shirt

4 Easy-To-Replicate Techniques To Fold A T-Shirt In 5 Seconds

For a t-shirt to not come out of your closet wholly creased, you need to fold it properly. However, when you have to fold a whole stack of t-shirts, it ...
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las chicas del cable

Las Chicas Del Cable: The Netflix Tv Show Of 4 Badass Spanish Women Fighting For Gender Equality

4 STRONG AND INDEPENDENT WOMEN The fiction is based in the 1930s, and at that time, women are far from being free and recognized. 4 young women,Lidia, Marga, Angeles, and ...
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t-shirt alba

7 Ways To Wash And Iron Your T-Shirt So That It Lasts Longer

Buying a good quality t-shirt is our first piece of advice if you want to keep it for years. Our second one is to take proper care of it. Indeed, ...
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live my petite life

6 Artists Who Humorously Illustrate The Lives Of Petite Women

When you don’t like something, change the narrative. Petite women often have to face stupid jokes. Sometimes, people intentionally want to hurt you but sometimes they do so really unintentionally ...
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how to style a tshirt

14 Fashionable Outfit Ideas To Try With A Basic White T-Shirt

What’s more basic than a white t-shirt? It’s THE piece of clothing that can easily downgrade or upgrade an outfit. Depending on what you are wearing it with, you can ...
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Sylvie, créatrice d'Ysie

Petite Story 2: Sylvie, Founder Of Ysie – 5’3

Being Petite doesn’t mean that we are all alike. Quite the contrary! There are as many different personalities as there are Petite women. That’s why I love to share with ...
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must read books to develop your self-confidence

5 Must-Read Books If You Want To Develop Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is an ability that can take time to acquire. Fortunately for us, some people did crack the code to self-confidence. Some of them even wrote easy to read books ...
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Quality woman t-shirts

8 Concrete Tips To Help You Recognize A High Quality Woman T Shirt

Even if sailors and soldiers initially wear the t-shirt, it is now a staple of all our wardrobes. Plain, it goes well with everything. Decorated with a print, it carriers ...
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Made in France

15 Brands Made In France You Should Check Out

Even if we see more and more Made in France labels, they are still rare. In the field of fashion, France excels, Paris, it’s it the capital. So why not ...
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How to look taller

10 Concrete Tips To Look Taller When You’re Petite

How many times have you dreamt about having a taller figure? Well, here ladies are 10 concrete techniques that you can you when you are petite to make your figure ...
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5 Petite Women Who Rock In Sport

Sometimes you feel that you don’t have the same opportunities than other people because you are shorter than 5’3. But that should not stop you. As an example, let us ...
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self-confident woman

Psycho Test : How Much Are You Self Confident ?

How much are you self-confident? Answer quickly at the questions of our test and let’s discover it. WHEN YOU HAVE TO SAY NO : A – It annoys me, but ...
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Short haircuts

5 Haircuts And 10 Hairstyles Ideas you should try if you are short

Getting the right haircut can really make a difference for your overall look and charisma. When you height is less than 5’3, a mid-long or short cut can surprisingly lengthen ...
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Be self-confident even if you are Petite

What Is Self-Confidence ?

Self-confidence is a complicated and hard to grasp emotion. It paralyzes or makes us feel pain when we are lacking it. However, it can also make us glow if we ...
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Audrey petite thérapiste

The Petite Interview #1 : Audrey, A 5’1 Analytical Therapist

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Petite perks

16 Perks Of Being Petite

Being Petite doesn’t only have drawbacks. There are a couple of advantages that you can enjoy when you are petite. Let us show you! 1. You have enough room for ...
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how hats can make you look taller

How Hats can help you look taller

When you measure less than 5’3, wearing a hat can really help us look taller. As a matter of fact, it naturally adds 2 to 5 cm to your height ...
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comment choisir ses chaussures à talon

How To Pick Your High Heel Shoes When You Are Petite

We all know it. When you want to look taller, you just have to wear heeled shoes. But which ones look best on Petite body frames? And how do you ...
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chanteuses petites célèbres

18 Singers who are Petite

You follow them, you love their music but did you know that they too are part of the small community and measure less than 1m63? How about we get some ...
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Laver ses vêtements pour les faire durer

How to read the Care instructions symbols ?

Surely you've already seen your favorite t-shirt shrink, your soft sweater become rough, or your jeans swapping its intense black for a dark gray? To extend the life of your ...
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