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10 reasons to wear Wool Clothes

A large quantity of raw materials is used in textiles and the world of clothing. They can be synthetic or natural and each will have very specific properties.
Today, we’d like to talk to you about one of the fibers we particularly like: wool. Indeed, it composes several flagship pieces from our Stronger collection. Here is a small focus on the main interests to wear this natural and age-old material.

1 / Its resistance
Wool fiber is inherently very resistant; it can indeed be twisted and folded several thousand times. And this while retaining its resilience and elasticity, like a spring.
Beyond the resistance of its fiber did you know that wool was also resistant to stains? Indeed, wool has a waxy layer on its surface which notably prevents the fat from being impregnated.

2 / Wool insulates from cold as from heat
Wool has a magic insulating capacity. Thanks to the structure of its tortoiseshell fibers, wool traps air and helps keep the body at an ideal temperature, it adapts to cold as well as hot.

3 / It is a regulating material
Wool limits the drawbacks associated with perspiration. Indeed it has an exceptional natural thermal regulation, it lets the skin breathe. Upon contact, the pH of our skin becomes acidic, limiting the appearance of body odors and the proliferation of bacteria. It is said to be a natural material. Wool breathes, it is alive.

4 / Wool is resistant to water and fire
Indeed, it is very little permeable to water, the wool fiber absorbs more than 30% of its weight in water without appearing wet and that while preserving its insulating power. It is also fire resistant because wool only burns at over 500 ° C.

5 / Wool is antistatic
Wool is a natural ecological fiber. It is renewed every year, on the back of the sheep. The shearing of its fleece is essential for the animal’s health and well-being.

6 / comfort for our heart
The wool gives us a feeling of well-being and a comfortable and soft contact. This is not surprising because according to a study conducted by the Research Institute for Textile Products: our heart rate would be more regular, in contact with wool, than in contact with synthetic fibers (Hohenstein Institute, 1984).

7 / Wool is hypoallergenic
It is made up of keratin, the same protein that is present in our nails and hair, which is why our skin tolerates it so well. It is a naturally non-allergenic and healthy fiber.

8 / It is a Renewable material
Wool is a natural ecological fiber. It is renewed every year, on the back of the sheep. The shearing of its fleece is essential for the animal’s health and well-being.

9 / It is a 100% biodegradable fiber
Wool is composting. It improves the structure of the soil during its decomposition. Sheep wool is a long-lasting, ecological and precious fertilizer. It can also be recycled for household insulation.

10 / Finally 100% French wool is obviously Made In France
It is reputed to be of high quality. We are fortunate to have all the players in the production, transformation and creation chain in France together, so let’s take advantage of it. This promotes the maintenance of know-how and the local economy by reducing transport.

By taking care of our favorite woolen clothes and following a few maintenance tips, you will find little inconvenience in wearing wool.
And if you are looking for quality woolen pieces, our STRONGER collection uses 100% French wool which promotes and supports ethical trade as well as the maintenance of the know-how of French wool industries.

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