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14 Fashionable Outfit Ideas To Try With A Basic White T-Shirt

What’s more basic than a white t-shirt?

It’s THE piece of clothing that can easily downgrade or upgrade an outfit. Depending on what you are wearing it with, you can look either casual or dressed up. It is a definitely a must-have in all wardrobes.

Today, we give you 14 ideas on how to mix and match a white T-shirt to create 4 completely different styles.


With a sleek or loose white t-shirt, it’s easy to create a casual look.

If your t-shirt is loose and you want it more fitted, do not run to buy one. Tie it down on one side. This knot will bring a glamorous and casual touch to your outfit.

1. With a pair of jeans

A good pair of jeans is the oldest ally of the white t-shirt.

Associated with sneakers, it gives off a more casual vibe.

Remember:  in the article “10 practical tips to look taller when you are petite,” we told you that high-waisted pants look a lot better on Petite women than classic ones.

If you wear a white t-shirt on a high-waisted jeans, your bust will look smaller than your legs and you will appear taller and slimmer.

With slim or bootcut jeans, choose a loose t-shirt to accentuate the casual and unstructured.

2. With a pair of shorts

For a more summery style, pair the white t-shirt with shorts.
Thanks to the white color of the t-shirt, all styles of shorts would look good.

For an American style, opt for a denim one.
A fluid, plain, or printed pair of shorts will fit just as well.
The fluidity of the shorts, combined with the white t-shirt, will bring a summer touch and will remind you about your sunny summer days.

Worn with sneakers or sandals, the combination of  a white t-shirt and a pair of shorts will bring you a casual and simple look.

3. with a skirt

If you like the American style but do not like shorts, do not panic! The white t-shirt will be just as good for the American look if it’s worn with a denim skirt and sneakers.

Very fashionable for a few years, the trapeze skirt is now the new star of your closet. A fitted or a loose t-shirt will be ideal for recreating this vintage 90s side.

Just like jeans, if you choose a mid-length skirt, a high waisted one would look better on Petite body type.
If you do not like high-waisted items, you can opt for a short skirt that will show and highlight your legs.

4. With jackets

To keep a casual style, try the white t-shirt with a flowing kimono jacket.
Printed or plain, the kimono brings a dynamic touch to the white t-shirt.

5. With Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits made their comeback.
And this is not to displease their best friend: the white t-shirt!
With overalls, prefer a fitted t-shirt, so as not to give too much volume to your upper body.

For a casual look, prefer a white or colored pair of sneakers. If you pair the color of your shoes with the color of the jumpsuit, you will also look taller.


The white t-shirt is a simple piece that can quickly become a chic and upgrade an outfit.

When you are petite, tuck the t-shirt in your skirt or pants. This way, your bust will look shorter and your legs longer.

For a more dressy look, do not hesitate to accessorize your outfit. A chain, a hat, an elegant purse, bracelets, brooches, are accessories that can pimp up your outfit.

6. With a pair of pants

A wide, slim or carrot pairs of pants are items that look really good  with a basic t-shirt.
Similar to what we said about a pair of jeans, favor high-waisted pants, whatever the cut.

If the pants are too long for you, opt for heels of the same color. The high heels can also get you a few additional centimeters.
Tuck the shirt back into the pants, and it’s done!

7. With shorts

To create a classy look with a pair of shorts and a white t-shirt, play on the materials.
Cotton is the ideal material for a chic look.
Wear black cotton shorts with a white t-shirt and create a perfect contrast.

Fitted t-shirts will also bring more structure to this look..
Wear this outfit with closed or open shoes for an even more formal touch.
If you can’t stand the heels, opt for simple sandals to complete this stylish look.

8. With a skirt

The pencil skirt is the perfect ally of a white t-shirt to create a chic outfit.
Opt for a high-waisted and knee-length skirt for a more glamorous look.
A loose t-shirt will break the business vibes of the pencil skirt, while a fitted one will accentuate it.

With a white t-shirt, no restrictions, you can choose a skirt of any color or patterns. The accessories can also bring a real plus.  Opt for pretty jewelry. For example, a beautiful necklace glamorizes a t-shirt.

9. With jackets

For a chic style, you can pair your t-shirt with different types of jackets.

However, to upgrade an outfit, the blazer is the one you should choose. It adds a chic touch to any outfit you wear.
A fitted jacket, such as a suede jacket, will be great as well.


For a rock look, what’s better than leather?

10. With a leather bottom

Nothing is easier than getting the rock look by combining a white t-shirt and black leather bottom.
A loose t-shirt is preferred to obtain a destructured effect.
If it is oversized, do not hesitate to tuck the front of the t-shirt in your pair of pants or shorts.

For a rock-chic look, pair your outfit with a pair of heels. It will bring more structure to the outfit and add a glamorous note.

And if you want to look like a real rock star, opt for ankle boots or even lace-up (Doc Martens style) boots style.

11. With a dress

The white t-shirt under the dress with thin straps became a real fashion hit these past years.
Often made in lace or silk, the evening dress worn with a white t-shirt send us straight back to the 90s.

If you have an evening dress that you are afraid of wearing and that is not too intricate, wearing it with a t-shirt could be the solution.
That way, you can also wear your gown during daytime.

Dresses are not the only centerpieces of this new fashion. Indeed Caracos laces look also nice with a t-shirt.

True fashion trend or a great trick to use your summer outfits in winter?


Did you know that white is an essential color to create a bohemian look? While the bohemian style is very colorful style and use many different patterns, it is important to balance this eccentricity with more neutral pieces of clothing.

For this reason, a white t-shirt is great for the bohemian look because you can pair it with almost all your bohemian pieces. Complete your outfits with accessories that you layer on your arms and around your neck.

12. With a skirt

For a classic bohemian look, pair a white t-shirt with a floral or ethnic maxi skirt. To make it even more bohemian, pick a loose t-shirt. But know that a fitted t-shirt will make you look slimmer!

As a side note, a maxi skirt is ideal if you want to look taller!

If you are not comfortable with long skirts, opt for a shorter skirt.
Embroidered, it will blend easily in the bohemian look.

13. With a dress

You can also wear the white t-shirt under a dress. Pick a dress that is fluid, with pastel colors or with nice prints to turn it into a true bohemian look.

14. With a kimono jacket

The kimono jacket is also an essential piece of the bohemian look. Since it usually has a print on it, wearing a plain white t-shirt is great because it will highlight the originality of the kimono.


As you can see, you can wear a white t-shirt in many different ways and easily adapt it to your style and your personality.

Therefore, it’s a great item to have in your closet. So don’t hesitate to invest in a quality t-shirt. A quality t-shirt will last you longer, will feel a lot more comfortable and gentler on your skin and you will save money in the long run!

And if you do not have a white t-shirt in your wardrobe already, have a look at Alba. Alba is the T-shirt of Les Petites Ambitieuses: white, soft, fitted with small details that make all the difference. And it is eco-friendly!

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