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15 Brands Made In France You Should Check Out

Even if we see more and more Made in France labels, they are still rare. In the field of fashion, France excels, Paris, it’s it the capital.

So why not consuming more French?

The main obstacle to buying French seems to be price. The know-how of the French craftsmen explains this cost. Buying  French is supporting French companies and preserving this know-how.

For us, these two reasons are sufficient to favor quality over quantity. Today, we present you 15 brands that fit perfectly into the Made in France approach.



Payote offers Fun and 100% Made in France espadrilles.

We often said that the best inventions arise from errors. That’s what happened to the founder, Olivier Gelly.

In deceiving a shoe one morning to go to work, Olivier had the idea of ​​what will become his company.

Going from 10 (0’5)  to 12 (0’9) Payote offers a wide range of plain, laces, printed, andrecycled espadrilles.

Embroidery service is also available to customize them.

Do not panic Payote is present all year long. Christmas patterns of reindeer and fir tree are even available.

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Hopaal was born in Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

It designs and creates clothes entirely from recycled materials and made locally.

Staying local was their priority.  Hopaal guarantees transparency to its customers as to the places of manufacture.

Clothes are, as for women than for men. Hopaal create all types of tops up even swimsuits and accessories.

With a muse of 5’3 and sizes available between the XS and XL, Hopaal thought about everyone.

It is 100% Made in France, even made in local because some clothes are entirely made in a radius of less than 621 miles.

Recycled clothes, cotton, hemp, and polyester are the 4 main ingredients of Hopaal clothing.

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Patte de loup

Patte de loup is a clothing factory based on hemp. Hence it names, which is the second name of that of waterhemp.

Its had different factories all over France.

Creating in Normandy, knitting in the south-west, finishing in the Ain, embroidery in Paris, and finally the labeling in Rhône-Alpes.

It’s, for now, impossible to have a thread as fine in France as in Mongolia. However, Patte de loup devotes a lot of time to the development of the latter.

Indeed for each garment bought Patte de loup plants 10m ² of hemp at 45 minutes from Paris. With the aim of rebuilding a hemp textile industry in France.

A field of hemp fixes more CO2 than a forest. This project is also for an awareness of ecology and global warming.

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Le slip français

How not to know “Le slip Français” in 2019?

This French manufacturer of clothes, underwear, and mixed accessories active since 2011 has convinced France.

With some fifteen manufacturing plants in France, all specialized in one field, Le slip Français takes up the challenge of 100% Made in France.

From design through to knitting, embroidery, labeling, and assembly, Le slip Français has been surrounded by French specialists with traditional know-how.

To continue its engagement in the 100% Made in France, Le slip Français seeks to develop new raw materials. Flax, for example, where France is the first producer and where its production requires much less water than cotton. It would not be surprising to see the arrival on the market, linen or nettles briefs.

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Chaussettes orphelines

Collecting worn socks to turn them into socks or new clothes, that’s the challenge that Chaussette orpheline have set themselves.

By surrounding itself only with French partners with unequaled know-how, Chaussette orpheline fits perfectly into the approach of the made in France.

Beyond the Made in France side, Chaussette orpheline is also committed to social inclusion. Indeed, the harvested sock’s sorting is carried out by insertions workshops of their partners, such as Relais or Emmaüs.

By combining 100% recycled and 100% Made in France, Chaussettes orpheline has created a brand that respects the environment and its resources.

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Les Petites Ambitieuses

Et oui! Peut-être ne le saviez-vous pas encore mais Les Petites Ambitieuses est une marque fabriquée en France.

Selon nous, il y a un vrai savoir-faire en France et des vraies compétences techniques qu’il faut préserver et faire valoriser.

Notre confection est ainsi entièrement faite en France, dans des ateliers qui ont des dizaines et des dizaines d’années d’expérience dans la couture. De plus, dès que nous avons une alternative française et viable pour les tissus et composants, nous choisissons la solution française. En effet, l’entoilage vient du département de la somme. La flanelle et la mousseline sont conçues et tissées dans le centre de la France. La laine du manteau est quant-à-elle fabriquée par un tisseur du sud de la France.

Mais restez connectée ! On vous en dit un peu plus dans un article très prochainement.

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Les Georgettes

From design to manufacturing, this jewelry factory master every step.

The concept is as simple as it is pragmatic.

A bracelet and leather to assemble, mix, and match oneself. Each leather has a front and back different.

The collection quickly developed with other jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and watches.

Les Georgettes is a creation between Altesse, the first French jewelry manufacturer and Texier, Breton leather goods. For this reason, they have dared the bet of leather goods.

By creating bags, wallets, but also belts, the Georgettes are entering the leather market on a larger scale.

Present internationally but also on the internet, everything suggests that Georgettes has not finished surprising us with ever more innovative concepts.

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Les partisanes

Which woman has never wanted to have quality jewelry, made in France, at an affordable price?

It is now possible thanks to Les Partisanes.

Two childhood friends decided to create watches at first and after jewelry.

They create minimal series.

Simple and chic the jewels of Les Partisanes convince a lot of people. More than 38 points of sale have been created throughout France.

Offering all types of jewelry, Les Partisanes have made their mark in the world of jewelry Made in France.

Online sales are also available if there is no point of sales near you.

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Matière à parer

It is from a passion for materials and French know-how that Matières à parer was born.

Matière à parer is the creation of fashion accessories from Albane, based on low ecological footprint or recovered materials.

She had several articles on her collection. Belts, cardholders, cases, small purse or bag.

Because the materials used come from unused French tanneries stocks, the articles are produced in limited series. Being handmade by the creator of Matière à parer, all accessories offer a unique experience.

They are available on the website, each with advice and explanations.

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Routine is a watch factory that uses 86% of components manufactured in France.

With the idea of ​​quickly reaching 100% of French-made components, Routine surrounds itself with the latest French industrial watchmakers.

Even if they far exceed the criteria necessary for certification “origin France guaranteed”, this certificate is more concrete than a simple “Made in France”.

Indeed, by manufacturing the dial of their watches in France, Routine becomes the first watch manufacturer to relocate this stage in France.

All watches, bracelets, and accessories are available on their website.

If you sometimes miss gift ideas, Routine can help you, thanks to its gift card worth from 50 to 345 €.

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Bleu de chauffe

It is in Aveyron that was born Bleu de Chauffe, leather goods made in France.

The cuts and stings are all done in the hexagon with traditional know-how.

All the bags are vegetable-tanned leather; in other words, they are treated with only natural caretaker: barks, leaves, etc.

Beyond the attention for the environment, Bleu de Chauffe offers everyone the chance to carry his bags because they are all hypoallergenic.

Sandals, through leather goods as well as small leather goods and accessories, Bleu de Chauffe review an essential section of the leather market.

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Le chocolat Français

For gourmands, we have also thought about you.

As the name suggests, this brand sells chocolate made in France.

Being the first country to introduce chocolate in Europe, this box wanted to recreate the taste of our childhood.

Le Chocolat Français was not concentrated on chocolate bars only, but also on candies, almonds and hazelnut coated.

By relying soon on cocoa beans from DOM-TOM, Le Chocolat Français will become the first chocolate producer to use 100% French cocoa beans.

On their website, you can order and personalize the visual of your bar.

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La belle mèche

Creator of candle since 2013, La belle mèche puts on a 100% French expertise.

Installed in Grasse, the capital of perfume, La belle mèche uses it to make its own. Its soy wax is a 100% French production.

La belle mèche has a wide range of products.

Starting from her primary product, the scented candle, she also created other articles.

For example, a fragrance diffuser, essential oil candles, accessories such as matches, and finally limited editions with unique scents and candle caskets. From wax to packaging La belle mèche is 100% French and environmentally friendly with recyclable packaging.

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Taking care of our skin is very important, but how to know what we put on it?

Oden is the solution to this question. With cosmetic oils based on ingredients produced and processed in France, it offers you transparency.

Besides, all glass bottles and boxes are recyclable.

In addition to being respectful of the environment, Oden offers quality products by squeezing the oils on demand for more freshness.

Oden offers different types of cosmetics in 25 retailers throughout France or on its website. With oils for the body or face, serums, capsules, or lip balm, there is something for everyone.

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Bulles d’émotion

Bulles d’émotion defines very well the Made in France by being specialized in champagne.

A subscription every month offers you the right to receive a box with a bottle of champagne.

All champagnes are grand cru selected by oenologists experts. A tasting sheet is in every box. Two flutes of champagnes are included for the gift box.

Bulles d’émotions also offers oenology classes. All boxes and their containers are purely French.

Here is an excellent opportunity to become a champagne’s expert and to support French companies at the same time.

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Of course, buying French often costs a little more. However, by buying French, you often have products of very good quality. In addition, you contribute to support the local, French economy and preserve jobs in our beautiful country. France is fortunate to have craftsmanship and we should not let it fade over time.

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