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4 Easy-To-Replicate Techniques To Fold A T-Shirt In 5 Seconds

For a t-shirt to not come out of your closet wholly creased, you need to fold it properly.

However, when you have to fold a whole stack of t-shirts, it can take time and become a daunting task.

That’s why we have selected for you 4 different techniques to fold a quality t-shirt quickly, and that are easy to replicate.

Do you feel hate folding t-shirts? Would you like to get rid of this chore as soon as possible? This article is for you!


That’s what most of us do. That’s normal because it’s the most basic one.

This technique is suitable if you have a closet or large shelves to put your t-shirts on.

Here we go :

  • 1 – Put the t-shirt flat, collar against the ground
  • 2 – Fold one side down along the t-shirt, halfway down the shoulder
  • 3 – Do the same manipulation for the other side
  • If it’s a long sleeve t-shirt, fold them once on itself and fold them down
  • If the sleeves are short, leave them as they are
  • 4 – the bottom of the t-shirt 2 or 3 times over the height depending on the size of your shelves.

This technique is feasible on both short-sleeved t-shirts, as long-sleeved t-shirts or with a collar.


Marie Kondo is a real queen of storage. she shares with us her best storage and folding techniques in her bestselling book: “Life-Changing Magic: A Journal: Spark Joy Every Day.”

Her techniques, tips, and advice are used in many homes.

This vertical folding technique is very suitable if you are storing your t-shirts in drawers.

That way, you’ll be able to see all the t-shirts you have at a glance.

Besides, it makes easier to get the one you want without putting the whole drawer upside down.

To use this storage method:

  • 1 – Place the t-shirt with the collar facing you
  • 2 – Fold one side down the length to the collar
  • 3 – Do the same for the other side
  • If the t-shirt is long sleeves, fold the sleeves on themselves.
  • If the sleeves are short, it is also necessary to fold the sleeves in half on themselves
  • 4 – Fold the top of the t-shirt down, leaving a space between the collar and the bottom of the t-shirt.
  • 5 – Fold on the part of the collar you have just folded
  • 6 – Finally fold the t-shirt in half, bringing the folded part with the bottom one
  • The Marie Kondo method is as feasible for long sleeves as for short sleeves

This technique is quite easy to perform. After you train 3 or 4 times, you will get faster at doing it.


The plucked folding technique has been very fashionable for a few years because it’s the fastest one if you master it.

To try this technique:

  • 1 – Place the t-shirt with the collar facing you
  • 2 – Pinch the middle of the shoulder with your right hand
  • 3 – Then pinch on the same line in the middle length of the t-shirt with your left hand
  • 4 – Fold the shoulder on its bottom end
  • 5 – While keeping the t-shirt in your hand, take out your left hand while raising the t-shirt to turn it over and uncross your arms.
  • 6 – Lay the t-shirt flat and then turn it over one last time to finalize the folding

At first glance, this technique may seem complicated. But, believe us, it is not. It just requires a little bit of training.


Finally, if you are unable to achieve these techniques, you can also use clothes board folding. The board folding can be useful and save you time.

You can find it in different home decor stores.

Nothing easier than using it:

  • 1 – Place the t-shirt in the center of the folder, face down
  • Fold the bottom of the t-shirt to fits it entirely on the folding board
  • If the sleeves are long, fold the sleeves horizontally
  • 2/3 – Fold the right hinged panel and open it again
  • 4/5 – Then fold the one on the left and replace it
  • 6 – To finish fold down the bottom flap
  • Finally, return your folded t-shirt

Production of clothes board folding

If you do not want to buy a folder, or you want to try this technique before you buy it, you can make one. All you need is a cardboard, a cutter, and some large scotch tape.

  • Cut cardboard on 2 panels about 25 cm wide and 70 cm high. (Rectangle #1)
  • A piece of cardboard, about 35 cm wide and 70 cm high. (Rectangle #2)
  • Then the last rectangle of cardboard 20 cm wide and 35 cm high. (Rectangle #3)
  • Take  rectangle #2  and place it in the middle of #3 rectangle
  • Tape the bottom of rectangle #2
  • Then position then rectangle # 1 on each side
  • Tape rectangle # 1 on the sides of rectangle # 2

For a stronger hold, tape each side of the carton

Your homemade folder is ready for use!

It works with all clothes. Whatever their thickness, it gives the same net result.

Each technique is different and allows you to choose the one that will adapt to your type of storage.

One last tip: Fold your t-shirts once they are dry. A wet, folded t-shirt would take more folds!

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