You are currently viewing 5 reasons why you should not shop at the kid department if you are Petite

5 reasons why you should not shop at the kid department if you are Petite

Do you often shop your clothes at the kid department ? Here are 5 reasons why we think you should stop. But of course, you are totally free to do whatever you want. This is just our 2 cents.

1 – They make you look younger

Children’s clothes often have details that, without you knowing, make you look younger. Certain patterns such as gingham, small hearts or small animals recall youth. Likewise, pastel colors tend to refer to the world of children.

The thing is young people are often associated with novelty and innocence rather than expertise.

On top of that, when you are Petite, you naturally look younger. So, wearing clothes from the kid’s clothing section would reinforce this impression.

2 – Finding business appropriate clothes in the kid’s clothing department is a challenge

Obviously, children rarely need a suit jacket, a tailored skirt or a shirt. However, these are key pieces to appear more credible in a professional environment, whether you are small or not.

The problem: these pieces are not common on children’s shelves and if you find them, they may have details that are more the responsibility of the uniform than the tailor.

3 – It might not be as comfortable as you’d like it to

Children’s clothing is not designed for women’s bodies. There are no chest darts as an example. Likewise, pants are not designed for feminine curves and may not be comfortable for those who have a bit of hips or buttocks.

And when you don’t feel good in your clothes, it totally shows on the way you move and the aura you give off.

4 – Kids clothes are less qualitative

Children grow quickly and only wear their clothing for a short time. Also, when the major children’s fashion brands make their production, they take this parameter into account. Indeed, why sell a garment that would last 10 years when the use is only 1 or 2 years? This is more expensive in terms of a benefit which is not observed.

This is why, generally, clothes on children’s shelves will be of lower quality than their adult counterparts. And when a garment is of lower quality, it doesn’t last as long.

5 – Fashion recommendations are almost impossible

Does a friend or colleague love your top?

Perfect, but what impression will you give if you tell her that it comes from the child section of this or that brand?

Not only will this information not be useful to her, and in her mind, she will remember you as someone who dress in the kid department store. Not really how you’d like to be remember, right ?

There are indeed clothes that you can definitely shop at the kids’clothing department. Sportwear is a good example. But when you need to look professional and inspire credibility, we highly recommend that you avoid children’s clothes.

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