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7 Ways To Wash And Iron Your T-Shirt So That It Lasts Longer

Buying a good quality t-shirt is our first piece of advice if you want to keep it for years.

Our second one is to take proper care of it.

Indeed, your shirt can be damaged if you don’t wash it or iron it the right way.

To keep your favorite t-shirts as long as possible, here are 7 tips to properly care for them.

However, know that each t-shirt is different. Therefore, you should first follow the washing instructions of the t-shirt written on the label sewn inside your garment.


1 – Turn the t-shirt inside-out for washing or use nets

In order not to damage the fabric of a t-shirt, it is essential to return it turn it inside-out before putting it into the washing machine. It will help preserving the colors and prevent the fabric from rubbing with other clothes.

Besides, if you have wash nets, you can also put your t-shirt in it. It will add another layer of protection. Try putting your bras in the washing nets so that the hook don’t rip the fabric of your precious t-shirt.

2 – Sort the colors

Indeed, some clothes can bleed onto, especially during the first wash.

The best solution is to divide the clothes into 4 categories:

  • Black clothes
  • The dark garments
  • White ones
  • The light-colored clothes

If you don’t have enough garment in each category, just regroup all your dark clothes together, including your black ones, and group your white with your light colored clothes.

However, if you are worried that your white clothes turn grey, do not panic!

You can use anti-fading wipes. Slide them into the machine with the clothes. They will absorb the colors and prevent them from going on the other garments.

However, be careful! Miracle wipes do not exist. So avoid mixing black and white clothes when you can.

3 – Wash at 86 ° F in a gentle cycle

Whatever the fabrics, Cotton or polyester, your t-shirts need a low-temperature wash.

A t-shirt washed at too high temperature may fade, damage or shrink the fabric.

Washing at 86 ° F is the perfect temperature for a t-shirt.

If it is dirty, increase the temperature to 104 ° F maximum.

Besides, prefer a short and delicate cycle to not leave the t-shirt too long in the water.  Water could damage the fibers.

The default cycle of washing machines is between 1H30 and 2H. Nevertheless, it takes between 30 minutes and 1H maximum to a t-shirt to be clean.

Finally, for spin-drying, don’t choose the most potent spin. A spin too strong would break the cotton or polyester fibers.

4 – No clothes dryer

T-shirts don’t go to the dryer!

Due to excessive heat, the dryer tend to shrink the garment.

Do not hand-wring them, even if the t-shirts are still wet!

Twisting them breaks the fiber and creases them.

Just we shake them slightly to give them back their shape and stretch them out.

5 – Open air drying

It is better to dry your clothes in the open air by using these 3 next solutions.

Drying on a clothes hanger

A hanger is the most efficient drying method. Your t-shirt will almost be wrinkle-free and you might be able to avoid the ironing step.

However, be careful to take the right hanger shape as to not deform the garment.

Use laundry drying rack

Drying racks are also very convenient to dry a t-shirt. They can be placed indoors and outdoors and some can even be folded to save space.

Try to not overcharge them with clothes or it will take longer for the garments to dry.


Clotheslines are an effective and very practical way to hang and dry your clothes. It allows them to dry in the open air. However, iif you live in polluted areas, outdoor pollution can tarnish your clothes.

Beware of the sun too. It can also fade the color of the garment, or even make it rough.

The best solution for outdoor drying is to put clothes in shady and airy place to make garment dry quickly and avoid the musty smell.


6 – Ironing upside down and at low temperature

To properly iron a t-shirt, start from the bottom and iron up to the collar.

Slip the t-shirt on the ironing board to avoid creating a crease.

Do not pull too hard on the t-shirt, heat could deform it.

Also avoid circular movements to not enlarge it.

Before ironing a t-shirt, it is essential to always look at the label of your t-shirt.

Each t-shirt, depending on its composition, can withstand different heat.

On the clothing labels, there are 4 different ironing instructions.

Iron with 3 points: it means that the garment can be ironed at  392° F maximum

The iron with 2 points: it indicates the t-shirt can support a heat of 302° F maximum

Iron with 1 point: it informs that the maximum temperature withstand by the t-shirt is 230° F maximum

Barred iron: it specifies that you can’t iron the t-shirt.

If you have cut the label and can not remember what was on it, do not panic.

Generally, t-shirts can be ironed up to 302° F. It all depends on their composition.

Same as washing, Turning the t-shirt inside-out before ironing it can be handy. It first allows not to damage the garment.

It also protects your embroidered t-shirts or those with inscriptions.

7 – Use a fabric to protect your t-shirt while ironing

Some t-shirts are very fragile. Despite this, they may still need to be ironed.

To be sure not to burn or leave iron marks on the t-shirt, you can put a pice of fabric over it.

Any fabric would fo. Even a clean dish towel will be efficient to protect fibers. That way, they will not be in direct contact with the iron soleplate. The dish towel allows the t-shirt to receive only the heat needed to smooth the creases out.

If you create creases under the fabric with the iron, they could be tough to iron afterward.

To remove the creases, moisten the t-shirt very lightly. Use a vaporizer or wet your finger and moisten wrinkles.

The iron’s heat will create more steam and help effortlessly remove creases.

A proper care will make any clothes last longer. And the longer your t-shirt last, the better for your wallet or the planet! Last but not least, don’t forget to fold your t-shirt neatly to help them keep their shape.

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