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8 Concrete Tips To Help You Recognize A High Quality Woman T Shirt

Even if sailors and soldiers initially wear the t-shirt, it is now a staple of all our wardrobes. Plain, it goes well with  everything. Decorated with a print, it carriers out messages and says a lot about you.

From 3 to several hundred euros a t-shirt, there is definitely one for each of you. But how do you know if the t-shirt you want to buy is a good investment? How to avoid scams? How to recognize a good t-shirt? Here are some tips to help you in your research.


There are 3 types of fibers::

Natural fibers  such as cotton, linen, hemp, silk, wool …

Synthetics ones that are designed and developed by m’en. .

Artificial fibers. These are materials with a natural base that have been chemically modified to gift them with additional properties.

Cotton t-shirts are the most popular. However, you can also find  t-shirts made of polyester, linen or hemp. It can also be composed of different fibers. Ex: 60% cotton, 40% polyester.

Prefer a model composed of a maximum of natural fibers. Natural fibers are very breathable. On the contrary, synthetic fibers have the property of conserving heat which can cause you to sweat a lot.


Cotton is fragile and  difficult to cultivate. Farmers have to spread large amounts of fertilizer and pesticide in the fields to achieve the required yields. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cotton cultivation around the world uses about 10% of the global pesticides consumption while it mobilizes less than 3% of the cultivated land.

And of course, these pesticides are not only harmful to insects; they are also toxic to humans. Ethion, for example, a product banned by the European Union in 2002, is often found in the composition of pesticides. In the Punjab region, cancer cases increased from 800,000 in 2001 to nearly 1,220,000 in 2016.

The cotton is already full of chemical substances when it arrives at the factory. And it does not stop there. Once transformed into a t-shirt, the tshirt must be washed, bleached and primed. Far too often, manufacturing plants do this through chemical treatments and use hydrochloric acid, trichlorethylene, hydrogen peroxide or formaldehyde resin. These components are toxic to health, and the problem in all of this is that it resists all the assembly steps and they don’t go away even if you wash it thoroughly.


Before buying a t-shirt, check its grammage. Even if as a woman, we tend to prefer lighter clothes, it may be wise to opt for a t-shirt a little thicker. The finer and lighter a t-shirt is, the less likely it will last.

T-shirts between 120 and 140 grams are usually entry-level t-shirts. In addition to being fragile, they may be transparent and will tend to crease easily. A crumpled or holey t-shirt quickly gives you a neglected look, which is not necessarily the message you want to send.

Mid-range t-shirts, meanwhile, are between 145 and 155 grams. Without being exceptional, they are already a better choice than the previous ones. They can still be pummeled.

Beyond 160 grams, you are dealing with a t-shirt with a high-quality mesh that will last you in time. Some t-shirts can even go up to 190 grams.

At 160 grams, you have a t-shirt that is not too thin too thick. (Please note that Alba, our t-shirt is just 160 grams!) Even if it’s a bit more expensive than the previous two categories, it will last you longer. And if you keep it for several years, you will definitely save some money. Do the math!


The style and the design of the t-shirt are also elements to take into account.

If you want to put forward your femininity, go for women’s cuts. They better embrace the curves and make you look a little but slimmer. The sleeves will also be shorter and more feminine.

Definitely choose a t-shirt in which you feel comfortable. You must be able to move freely in it. If you feel cramped, go up one size.

T-shirts with V-necks, boat collars or crew necks look generally better on Petite women. As à matter of fact, they lengthen the chest and make you look taller. Finally, if you do not like to tuck t-shirt into your skirt or pants, pick one that is not too long so that it does not make you look shorter.


Poor quality t-shirts will often be rough to the touch. Conversely, the t-shirts of excellent quality will be soft and thick at the same time.

Also, if you can, do not hesitate to go to the store to touch the t-shirt. If a garment is soft, you will also want to wear it more than others.

If you buy your t-shirt online, take a look at the comments of previous customers. Also be aware that e-shops sometimes have a showroom where you can go to see, touch and try the products.

For our part, we opted for carbon brushed organic cotton t-shirts. This process makes the t-shirt infinitely soft. Between us, it’s the sweetest t-shirt we’ve ever touched. And if you want to see for yourself, make an appointment with our showroom.


T-shirts with a print are a little less versatile than plain t-shirts, more goes with everything. This is an element to consider when you go shopping. Would you wear it only for weekends or holidays? Or would you like to wear it as many times as possible?

In the first case, go to the crush. In the second, choose a neutral print that can be married with many pieces, and above all, you assume no matter where or when.

There are several types of textile printing. Silkscreen and digital printing will generally hold well in time. Be careful, however, of flocking, which may have a plastic feel and/or cracking effect.


Taking a look at the seams of the garment often says a lot about the quality of the t-shirt. Surprising threads and poorly made serged seams are often the sign of a low quality  t-shirt.

Another tip is to look inside the collar of the t-shirt. In poor quality t-shirts, the seams will not be flattened or stitched and may even bother you when you wear the t-shirt.

Finally, look at the details.  Are the hems well done? Is there a bias? In addition to adding style to the garment, all these little details will help to strengthen the t-shirt.


Most of the t-shirts that are sold today in stores or online come from Asia or the United States. This is logical because that is where most of the cotton fields are. We can also find great t-shirts from these countries contrary to what we might think. The Stella Stanley t-shirts, very popular with printers and big brands, are made in Bangladesh. .

However, many low-end, low-quality t-shirts also come from these countries.

On our end, we opted for t-shirts made in France. Cotton is grown in Portugal in organic farming. The rest of the process is then entirely done in factories located in Lille and Saint-Étienne.  Alba is also an ultra-soft tshirt. It is suitable for Petite body types and will last you in time.

If you want to know more about it, let us know in the comment section!

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