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How To Pick Your High Heel Shoes When You Are Petite

We all know it. When you want to look taller, you just have to wear heeled shoes. But which ones look best on Petite body frames? And how do you shoes a quality pair of shoes? Here are some tips for choosing them well.


When you buy high-heeled shoes, choose them as stable as possible! The more stable a heel (works when choosing stilettos as well), the easier it will be to walk in the shoes. The right pair of shoes is the one in which you feel comfortable.

To check if a pair is good, our little trick is to give a little kick on the shoe. If it regains its balance quickly, it is a good pair. Take the test in store with various pairs. You will see that they do not all return to equilibrium at the same pace.

Finally, look at the sole of the shoe. If it is completely smooth, the grip will not be very good and you will easily slip on some surfaces.


The one huge advantage with high heel shoes is that they give you a few extra inches. And when you measure less than 5’3, even 1 inch can make all the difference.

Heels also help support the back and help you keep a better posture. Have you noticed? We often have a straighter posture stand up when wearing them! On top of that, if you adopt postures of winners, you will feel a boost of self-confidence and it will seems like you have a lot more charisma.

In addition to this, a beautiful pair of high heel shoes is a weapon of feminine seduction. As a matter of fact, a scientific study conducted by Nicolas Guéguen, professor of behavioral sciences at the University of Brittany-Vannes shows that men are much more receptive to women who wore high heels. Ladies, you know what to do!

We can find very different types of high heels on the market nowadays.

flat-heeled shoes (less than 2.5 cm),
small heels (3 to 5 cm),
medium size heels (6 to 10 cm),
high heels (10.5 to 12 cm)
and even higher ones (12 cm and more)!

However, what is important is not the height but your comfort and your ability to walk in it. A woman with very high heels but who has difficulty walking will be less impressive than another with flat heels or sneakers and a catwalk aura High heel shoes are an asset if you want to have a few more centimeters but is absolutely not necessary to look great or have style.

Finally, if you like them, that’s good. If this is not the case, do not panic. That doesn’t make you less feminine.

What about you? Are you a high heel lover or a sneaker addict?

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