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How to take advantage of the Black Friday sales?

Today is Black Friday and the start of a weekend of promotions. In this article, we are giving you the keys to getting real bargains during the day and avoiding being tricked.

Black Friday is a practice that comes to us from the United States. It designates the Friday after the American holiday, Thanksgiving which we could literally translate as “thanksgiving”. This event takes place the day after the fourth Thursday in November and gives rise to sales that defy all competition.

In the media, the term appeared for the first time in a 1951 article. It then meant, for employers, the long weekend that their employees took. They thus have a day off on Friday, which causes heavy traffic jams on the roads.

Black Friday is seen by many as an opportunity to do good business and prepare for Christmas shopping. But beware, it is also easy to be tricked during this day. We explain to you why.

Why be extra vigilant?
Like any sale period, Black Friday was originally intended to sell off the remaining inventory for the year. Having inventory can end up being expensive because it requires space and handling.

However, with the increasing popularity of Black Friday (and sales in general), many large brands will create products specifically for this event. They do it on the one hand to meet demand, of course, but also to be able to make substantial profits.

It is forbidden to sell at a loss, that is to say, below its cost price. So, to be able to offer low prices, there is no secret. We must either integrate these upcoming balances into the price of products or create lower quality products.

If these balances are included in the price, this will mean that during the year, you overpay certain products. If products are created with a lower cost price, they are probably of lower quality and may not last over time.

Purchases to avoid
There are of course exceptions to the rule. But here, in general, the purchases for which we recommend that you be extra vigilant.

Items that are on sale at -70%.

Chances are, -70% off items are items created specifically for the occasion. Often these are inexpensive, low-quality calling products to attract you. We know this very well. We can find, for example, 100% wool fabric at € 5 per meter, but which will have nothing to do with the one we offer. It’s a fabric that will pile, that will shrink, that will felt and quickly look poor. However, it will have this name 100% wool and can be displayed at a low price. Beyond -50%, these offers must be taken with tweezers.

Fast fashion corporate clothing.

These are typically clothes created for the occasion with lower quality fabrics and finishes that leave something to be desired.

Products from elsewhere.

There may be some good deals to be made but pay attention to warranties and after-sales service, especially on electronics.

Luxury or high-end items “sold out”.

There are more and more sites that sell so-called “luxury” items at bargain prices on the internet. There are destockers who are honest. But there are many merchant sites that make you believe that these are genuine products and that sell you counterfeit goods. Mistrust required! If you want to buy designer items at more affordable prices, turn to second hand instead.

We are not against Black Friday, even if we prefer Green Friday! Black Friday, if you are well prepared, can allow you to indulge in pleasures that are usually inaccessible to you. So here are some keys to getting real good deals!

Go there.

If the brand has a shop, a showroom, a pop up or a place where it exhibits its pieces, go there a few days or during black friday to assess the quality of the pieces you want to acquire. If it’s clothing, look at the quality of the finishes. Do not hesitate to turn the garment over to check it. Take a look at the label, provenance and materials. Touch the fabric and crumple it to see how it falls and resist and especially try it to know your size.

Read the labels

Look at what was the original price and compare with the current promotion. Lift the labels. Analyze them. Below 50% of promotion, there may be eel under rock.

Know the history of brands and their values

Before you buy from a brand, try to learn more about it. Who are the people in control? Is it an investment fund or the founders? What are their values? What are they campaigning for? This will tell you a lot about the quality of what you buy.

Make a list of the purchases you want to make.

If it is really a stock-out, the product should be available before Black Friday and not just during that day. In addition, it will allow you to buy what you really need and avoid false promotions.

If you are looking for clothes, opt for small designers.

This is obviously not the case for everyone, but for the most part, the fabrics and finishes are of good quality. You will have a unique item of clothing, with a story, not an anonymous, mass-produced item. Often you will get more for your money and when these creators make sales, these are real opportunities.

Creators make little sales because they don’t have the margins to do it. We are well placed to know because we are in this case and we meet a lot of creators on a daily basis. So if you have creators that you like, subscribe to their newsletters and follow them on the networks. You can find real opportunities there and you will encourage them in their path.

Think of Made in France

By promoting Made in France products, you will have very qualitative, often ethical products and above all you support the local economy. By buying French, you contribute to jobs that are preserved, to the development of offers. When a local economy is booming, your purchasing power will eventually improve.

At Les Petites Ambitieuses, we have opted for a fair price all year round.

This guarantees the quality of the materials and finishes. It allows everyone to be paid fairly, whether it is the weavers who created the beautiful materials we offer or the seamstresses who carefully sewed the pieces. Sewing, unlike other industries, is still a very manual world and each piece requires time and attention that we often do not suspect. (If you haven’t read our ethics charter yet, take a look!)

This price also allows us to re-invest in fabrics and prototypes to offer you new pieces, even more fashionable and qualitative.

This also allows us to offer you more services, such as touch-ups or a personalized showroom experience. And many more services are coming soon.

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