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What is it like to be a Short Woman in Brazil ?

Being Petite is an issue that is encountered by many women across the world. So, we were wondering what it feels like to be a short woman in other countries. Today, we are welcoming Andrea Faustino on the Mag. She is a rocking 4’11 Brazilian woman and she tells us what it feels like to be a petite woman in Brazil.

Brazil, a country that glorifies curvy women

Hello guys! My name is Andréa Faustino. I am a 4″11 Brazilian woman, working as a journalist. On social media, you can find me as @Dea’TwilightZone. Today, I’d like to talk to you about short women in Brazil.

It is not easy to be short in a country that glorifies bodies with big breasts and big breeches. Brazil is literally a country that glorifies curvy bodies to dance and go to the beaches.

But, there are a lot of short women in Brazil. In fact, curvy and tall women are not the majority here.

But fashion industry insists in saying so.

In 1968, ISO, the entity, that coordinates measure standards around the world, determined that clothing measurements should be proportional to the biotypes of each country. Thus, each place uses a specific formula. However, in Brazil, they found 19 different biotypes. They were unable to create a scale at the industrial level, so, to give a deal, they created the regular graduation of women’s clothing based on 5.3 feet.

Therefore, most fashion brands try to sell clothes that are intended for tall women. One thing that they also do is adopting different sizing to encourage recurring purchases. Due to their sizing system, women feel psychologically better because they succeeded fitting themselves into a smaller size that what they usually wear.

In Brazil, most fashion do not want to increase or decrease the size graduation of their pieces because it would keep new customers away.

Women do not want to buy pieces from a brand that offers plus size or petite sizes because other people may think they wear these sizes.

Brazilian fashion teaches you to hide what they consider as flaws. You read a lot here things like “how to look taller”, “how to gain a few inches”, “how to hide your size”. How to hide your size…

It is not a fair game.

We should not be ashamed of wearing petite sizes

When I started to talk about petite fashion, I discovered that not a lot of women feel confident about their petite size on social media. Very few women talk about that.

But, I found a lot of girls who are not trying to hide. It encouraged me to keep talking.

These women are not ashamed of their sizes. Being petite is not something to hide or to disguise. Whatever you size, it should be okay to explore fashion in all the forms, colors, and styles.

I hear a lot of women having trouble finding clothes that don’t fit them because they are not the standards.

I include myself on this scenario. It took me a long way to accept my size. I can now say that I overcome my complexes.

Today I am not sad when I do not find myself on magazines because I know that they are not speaking the truth. I created my own universe of short and petite woman and it is in there that I find inspiration to write and to dress.

On finding your own sources of inspiration

I look for stores that sells petite fashion and I show them to these beautiful women. They feel happy to see that we have places to buy and feel great without having to get the clothes altered. It feels great to be talked to.

Look for those women who talks to you, who shows that we are important and beautiful as we are and helps us to find our own proud. Look for those stores who sells petite clothes. They exist!

Remember that you are beautiful women! You are perfect and should be proud of your short size too!

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