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What To Wear When You Are Petite To Shine During End-Of-Year Parties?

The end of year celebrations are a great opportunity to get out of your best attire.

And if you are Petite, nothing prevents you from being beautiful and elegant too. It is all a matter of choice and association. Here are some good outfit options ​​and suggestions on which you can bet with your eyes closed.


If you don’t know what to wear, the Little black dress always looks good. This timeless classic saves you from all situations. It will go very well for a Christmas party at the office, a party with friends or family.

Obviously, there is black dress and black dress. Not all are alike. The trick is to find the one that matches your body type. Scabbard, skater, trapeze, 1920s: there is something for everyone and there is certainly one that will suit you perfectly.

If you are small, it is important to choose a dress that fits your body size so that it does not bother you. You can choose it above the knees for safety. Our Lumi dress, for example, is a knee-length trapeze dress if you are 1m50 and suitable for most body types.

If you choose a midi or maxi dress, pay attention to the lengths. Too long, it can quickly make you look smaller than you are.

Finally, it is not because it is black that you will be devoid of color. It is, on the contrary, an opportunity to wear glittery or colored accessories. Bonus +: opt for bright or colorful jewelry close to your face. This will attract people’s eyes on your face and make them forget you are short.


Fortunately, there are no colors prohibited when you are Petite.

However, certain colors tend to recall childhood more than others. The pale and pastel colors are part of this register. Also, even if there are no contraindications to wear, if you want to make a woman, it is better to either avoid these colors or combine them skillfully. If pastel pink for example is a color that suits you extremely well, it may be wise to opt for clothes that really make a woman. You can also play on makeup and other clothes you wear.

Who says Christmas, says red color. If red is one of your colors, wear it with a nice top or a nice vibrant dress. Otherwise, a bright lipstick or red accessories also do the trick!


If you are Petite and you love heels, this is the opportunity to bring them out.

High heels will add a chic touch to any outfit you choose.

On the other hand, if your intention is to dance until the end of the night, consider taking a very comfortable pair. You can also add silicone soles that will preserve your feet longer.

Match your black pumps with:

  • black petite-friendly pants (ideally not lying on the floor!) and a gold, red or sequin top.
  • a beautiful petite dress
  • a jumpsuit
  • a shiny outfit

Let your imagination run wild.


Pleated fabrics are in fashion at the moment. And that’s good because these are fabrics that flatter Petite figures.

Indeed, the pleats form long vertical folds which lengthen the silhouette. Preferably, choose thin pleats and wear them as a dress or skirt.

Pleats often give a festive look. They have a chic appearance and always make a good impression.

We hope these few suggestions will help you feel like a star during the holidays. And don’t forget: the most important thing is to emjoy the moment and to be surrounded by the people who are dear to you.

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