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What’s My Body Type?

Am I an  apple, a pear, a rectangle, an hourglass or an inverted triangle? Every fashion magazine, every tv show about fashion style and every stylist talk about it.

So what’s the thing about body shapes? How do I know which body type I am? What’s the point in knowing?

Let us help you.


There is a reason why all stylists and image consultants talk about it.

First of all, it helps you understand and accept all the characteristics of your body. There are no ideal body shapes. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. You only need to realize it. Studying your body is an excellent way to start.

Secondly, it will be easier for you to put together an outfit that emphasizes your advantages. As a matter of fact, when you know your body type, you know your proportions and where you need to recreate a balance.

Fashion is a bit like architecture. Your body is the structure of the building. The clothes are like bricks, decoration and a roof. If the base is large, you have to rebalance everything with an equally impressive roof. The whole thing is to have a harmonious whole, which attracts the eye where you want to.

Of course, knowing one’s morphology is not everything because each body is unique. If you have curves, an ample bosom, saddlebags, you need to take them into account as well.


Before you start

To be in the right conditions and not go wrong with your diagnostic, we recommend that you do this exercise only wearing your underwear. You can also do it while wearing clothes that are close to the body. As long as you can discern your silhouette and your curves easily, it’s okay.

Then position yourself in front of a large mirror. You must be able to see yourself from head to toe without any difficulty. A freestanding mirror or a large mirror would do. Avoid tilting it so that he reflected image is as faithful as possible. Also, avoid bathroom mirrors that only reflect the upper part of your body. You need to see yourself for this exercise fully.

Position yourself in good lighting to facilitate the test. Last but not least, have a caring and tolerant eye to yourself. The goal is not to be critical and harsh with you but rather to understand the characteristics of your body.

Apple, pear, rectangle, hourglass, inverted triangle: What am I?

Your body type depends a lot on your skeletal structure. Depending on the alignment of your shoulders, waist, and hips, you could either be an apple, a pear, a rectangle, an hourglass or an inverted triangle.

To know yours, observe your overall body in the mirror and use the image below as a reference guide. How are your shoulders compare to your waistlines or your hips?

Pear-shaped women have wider hips than their waistline or their shoulders. In some cultures, it is also called an A-body type or a triangle body type.

Women with an Hourglass body type have shoulders aligned with the width of their hips. They also have a well-defined waistline. We also talk about X-shaped for thin women and 8-shaped for those with more generous curves.

H-shaped morphologies are women who have shoulders aligned with their waist and hips.

Women with an Apple-like body type have shoulders that are aligned with their hips but a wider waistline. It is also called an O-body type.

Finally, women with an inverted triangle morphology are characterized by broad shoulders and narrow hips. The term diamond or V-shaped can also be applied.

Body Shape Calculator

If you are still hesitating between two body shapes, it is totally normal. Some body types, like the apple or the rectangle are very close to each other. Besides, you can be a mix of several body shapes. If you have a doubt, you can also take your measurements.

To take your measurements as it should, we have put at your disposal a list of tips on our Size Guide page.

You can also hire an image consultant who can give you a full and detailed diagnostic of your body shape. Finally, you can also use the body shape calculator below. If you combine the result with your observations, you should be able to guess your body type easily.

Body Shape Calculator


Your height does have an impact on how to dress. Indeed, the same garment will not have the same effect if worn by a person measuring 6” and another measuring 5”3.

Being Petite often means having a longer bust and shorter legs. When choosing an outfit, it’s important to redefine your waistline in a way that will make your body look well proportioned. In the case of a person who measures less than 5”3, with “Petite” measurements, finding items that will also lengthen the silhouette is key.

Fortunately, there are materials, patterns, and designs that can help you do that.

For more information on these materials, patterns, and designs, feel free to download our e-book, Dress for Self-confidence if you are Petite, dedicated to the subject.

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