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Who Is Caroline, Our Petite Model?

You saw her on our photos, on our social networks, our website and during our Little Fashion Show parade. But who is this red-hair Petite woman named Caroline?

Today, let us introduce her to you. Because there is no one who represents Les Petites Ambitieuses better than her.


And no, contrary to appearances, Caroline is not a professional model! If she agreed to pose and walk for Les Petites Ambitieuses, she is above all a professional in financial communication.

Financial communication consists of informing the stakeholders of a listed company – namely shareholders, potential investors, analysts, bankers, rating agencies, and more generally the general public – about its financial health and its strategy.

It is an element of the brand image and has a real strategic stake. The slightest misstep can have significant consequences for the company.

Caroline has been doing this job for several years.

“I studied literature and then went into finance. It’s not an easy world every day, but I like the diversity that it includes: working on both financial data, business valuation models, while juggling communication. It is important to choose the right terms, to weigh the meaning of the words. You have to be careful with what you say and what you don’t say, so that in the end everyone has clear, fair and identical information.”

Her daily tasks are very varied and depend on the publication cycles of the company for which she works and last minute issues. “I help prepare all kinds of materials for publications, language materials, and other information that we may need. After the publications, I accompany the management team to meet the investors. This is essential for understanding the issues of my daily work. “.


The financial community in which it operates is one in which appearance matters.

“I naturally tend, depending on the circumstances, to dress differently. If I’m just going to the office, I dress more casually. I know my colleagues and know that they will not judge me on my outfit. On the other hand, when I am in representation, I will generally dress a little better. I would not say “strict” but rather a little more “suit up”.
It’s silly to say, but it’s a matter of trust. Sometimes there are people who, if you are not dressed “properly” according to their criteria, will judge you. ”

We wouldn’t say it better.


Caroline is not only gifted with numbers and letters, she is also an incredible sportswoman who never ceases to amaze us.

“Yes, yes I’m pretty sporty. At the end of a workout, I like to tell myself that I’m tired, that I can’t take it anymore and that I have worked well. I really enjoy challenges… ”

She won’t say it herself, because she is modest, but she achieves high performance.

Her half-marathon was completed in 1 hour 34 minutes. She was also part of the Asics Frontrunner team in 2017. She is also an avid Acroyoga practitioner.

Acroyoga, if you don’t know, is a discipline that combines yoga and acrobatics. It is generally practiced in pairs and consists of linking acrobatic and aesthetic figures. This intense sport is both good for the body and the mind. And for the spectators, it’s pretty impressive to see. We let you judge for yourself.


“Petite for me is the way I describe myself. Generally, I say that I am very dynamic Petite woman with long hair.

As a child, it’s also my daily life. It’s going to the shops and telling me when trying on pants, that my legs should be 20 cm longer.

It’s having to take more steps than my long-legged friend when hiking to cover the same distance.

For me “Petite” is both the way I describe myself and both an everyday reality, because every day we have something that reminds us of it. “It’s weird, I don’t see myself in the mirror!” and if I climb on tiptoe, ah it’s better.”


“Trust yourself more. Even if you feel like you can’t do it, you can still do it.

We must not put up a barrier by saying that we cannot happen, that we cannot achieve our goals. No that’s not true ! If you motivate yourself, move around a bit and give yourself the means, anything is possible. We may not get there right away, but we will end up getting there one day!

This is what I would have liked to hear 10 years ago from myself. And if someone had told me, I might have believed it. ”

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