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16 Perks Of Being Petite

Being Petite doesn’t only have drawbacks. There are a couple of advantages that you can enjoy when you are petite. Let us show you!

1. You have enough room for your legs whether you travel on the plane, bus or train. As I just made a round-trip Paris-Reunion with 11 hours of flight in each direction, I can guarantee you that it is a significant asset not to neglect.

Perks of being short : leg room !

2. People will always help you if you ask them. The bottle on the top shelf over there? No problem. Do you have to carry a box or suitcase that looks extremely heavy? Don’t worry. There is usually a kind soul not far from you who will surely accept to give you a hand. Just put on your best smile!

Perks of being short : People will always help

3. The beds are never too small for you, and your toes always find ways to be covered by the comforter.

Perks of being short : beds are always big enough

4. You never need to worry about hitting your head because the ceiling is too low!

Perks of being short : You never need to worry about the ceiling

5. If we talk about health, according to studies conducted by Swedish researchers from the Karolinska Institute, it seems that being petite highly reduces the risk of cancer! It would also appear that we live longer.

Perks of being short : less chance to have cancer

6. You will look forever young. At 60, it will be a real advantage. Though we must agree, at 27 years, it is probably a little annoying (except perhaps to get student discounts!)

Perks of being short : forever young

7. If you want your man to be taller than you, you will be spoiled for choice since the average height for men ranges from 5’5 to 6′. And men are more likely to approach you as they won’t be intimidated by your size.

Perks of being short : more options when you want to date someone

8. You will never be blamed for wearing high heels (and owning them!)

Perks of being short : high heels

9. Mini-skirts never look vulgar on you

Perks of being short : you can wear many skirts as many times as you wish

10. When you lose weight, it shows right away. Changes in weight or musculature are more quickly and easily visible on a 5′ body than a 6′ body.

Perks of being short : losing weight

11. You do not have to bend down to greet someone. It’s the others who do it for you. +1 life point for your back!

Perks of being short : greetings

12. You are always in the front on group pictures.

Perks of being short : you are always in front in pictures

13. You can sneak into small spaces and through crowds more easily. Which reminds me that I often acted as a scout for my friends during festivals!

Perks of being short : sneak in easily

14. You have a low centre of gravity. Therefore, you theoretically are better at balancing and poise than other people, and if you fall, you will hit the ground from a shorter distance. How about trying climbing, skiing, slacklining or gymnastics?

Perks of being short : low centre of gravity

15. You are particularly good at recovering things that may seem to other people way out of your reach. A stool, the edge of a shelf, the side of the bath, an umbrella, a broom, a well-placed jump … all means are right! When you do this kind of thing all your life, nothing frightens you, and you become an expert at finding solutions when you need to.

Perks of being short : you are particularly good at catching things

16. People are less likely to be suspicious of you and consider you as competition. At work, this can be a real benefit if you know how to use it.

Perks of being short : suspicion

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