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16 Petite Actresses Who Rock

All these actresses do not exceed 5’2 and yet, they moved us to tears or make us laugh out loud.

They all have in her this little extra something that we want to make you feel through our clothes.



You have probably seen her in Game of Thrones where she performs Arya Stark.

But did you know that, in 2018, she created with the actor Bill Milner and the producer Dom Santry, a production company called “Daisie Chain Production”?

Despites her success, Maisie doesn’t forget where she comes from. With this new company, she now helps British young people promote their short films.

Her courage and her audacity definitely shows that she is not only a good actress. She is also a fantastic woman with a strong business acumen, a great sense of humor and


Emilia Clarke has also been revealed thanks to her character Danaerys Targaryen in the famous Game of Thrones series.

What’s amazing about Emilia is that she turned her most difficult moments into her most beautiful fights. Victim of a ruptured aneurysm in 2011, she created not long ago a charity named. “Same you” to help people who suffer from brain injuries. With “Same you”, she urges people to break the silence on brain injury and asks for a better prioritisation of increased funding for neurorehabilitation. “Everyone after leaving hospital should have the multi-disciplinary rehabilitation and recovery they desperately need.”

Emilia Clarke knew how to use her past but also her notoriety in the most beautiful way: sharing and caring.


Who has never dreamt about going shopping with Gabrielle Solis?

Let’s be honest: from her 5’15 tall, Eva Longoria is really up to par.

She has been for several years an actress, but also a producer, a director, and a model.

Her Petite size never prevented her to pose for magazines such as Vogues or Marie Claire or to play her role perfectly in Desperate Housewives. By the way, she also created her own production company.

Today, she focuses more on her company, “UnbeliEVAble Entertainment.” However, she still makes appearances in films or series like “Brooklyn nine-nine” or “Empire.”


Being  5’24 tall never prevented Nathalie Portman from being casted for leading roles in blockbusters, be it Star wars or Black Swan.

She has been awarded 22 times for Nina’s role in Black Swan. This masterpiece really fast-tracked her in the foreground.

Whatever the role, Nathalie gave her all and that’s what makes her such a great actress. In the movie “V for Vendetta” for instance, she didn’t  hesitate to shave her hair.

In addition to all the movies she played in, Nathalie Portman also became Dior’s muse.

Ambitious, daring, gifted, she is an inspiration to all Petite women.


Legally Blonde is the movie that marks the career of Reese Witherspoon offering her real praise.

Although Volume 2 has not been as well-acclaimed, these two films allowed her to become between 2002 and 2010, one of Hollywood’s best-paid actresses.

Nothing scares her. Indeed, she quickly climbed the latter and became the head of a production company that promotes films that put female roles in the forefront.

Engaged in several associations for the defense of the rights of children and women, Reese Witherspoon is not just a feminist.

She loves what is right, and thanks to her great heart and her convictions, she wants to defend them at best.

MARY-KATE & ASHLEY OLSEN – 5’15 & 5’08

Both fashion designers, producers, and actresses, the twin sisters who have always shared everything, do not only share their size.

Despites being 5’08, and 5’15 tall, they succeeded in a male dominated industry.

Very present in the field of fashion, they continue to be creative and won in 2018, the prize “Accessories Designers of the Years” at the CFDA (kind of Oscar’s ceremony but for fashion).

Together, they also created “Dualstar,” their production company. They have left the movie industry but not totally. They are now behind the cameras.


Mostly known for Rachel’s role on Glee, Lea is now well-known.

But she’s not just an actress. She also divides her time between singing, modeling, and writing.

She already released two albums and two books.

“Brunette Ambition” and “You first go your way to be your life” deals with personal development. They are health, beauty, fashion but also life guidebooks. In her books, she explains how she succeeded to overcome the obstacles that she encountered in her life.

She may be 5’21 tall but her talents are way bigger.

LUCY HALE – 5’15

In 2010, Lucy Hale landed one of the primary roles of the series Pretty Little Liars, which will give her an excellent reputation at the age of 21 and will open the doors of the cinema.

Lucy Hale not only excels in acting but also singing. Music is her first love. In fact, she participated in the show American junior when she was 13 years old.

She released an album in 2014 and 2015, and she covered the song: Let it snow, of Frozen for the album “We Love Disney.” It is said that people prefer this version to the original.

For 2020, Lucy Hale is going to appear in 6 different roles, including one in the famous series, “Riverdale.”

2020 is going to to be a busy year for the charming Lucy Hale.


With Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell will soon conquer Hollywood. Indeed, the famous series from 2004 to 2007, announced a sequel for 2019.

Her voice also interest the movie industry. She is the narrator of the famous series Gossip Girls and is also the voice for Anna, Elsa’s sister in the Disney movie, Frozen.

Even if she is 5’08 tall, her voice rivals with the best.

Despite some cinematographic failures, Kristen did not give up. Her perseverance is undoubtedly what has earned her subsequently success movies and series, as “The good place” or “Bad moms.”


Hilary Duff was a teenager idol in the 2000s thanks to her role as “Lizzie McGuire”.

She is now an actress, author, composer, performer, writer, stylist, model, and producer.

A few films after Lizzie McGuire, Hilary Duff was able to take down her teenage label to make room for more mature roles.

Like many other actresses, Hilary Duff loves music and already released 5 albums.

Her size did not stop her from becoming the woman of many abilities, making her an all-round artist.


Sex and the city was the series that opened her the doors. By performing Carrie Bradshaw for six seasons, Sarah Jessica Parker has made herself known worldwide. Besides, she co-produced some episodes of the series but also their films.

Thanks to this series, she found her style and now never leaves the glamorous side that Carrie taught her.

She wants to show the world that you can be sexy without being vulgar once you are past forty.

Despite her strong notoriety, she remained very humble and, women find it easy to relate to her. She inspires a lot of women thanks to her outfits but also thanks to her haircuts.


Known in France for roles in films like “We’re the Miller” “Valentine’s Day” or “Scream,” Emma Roberts is, in fact, a child star.

She was already known in the United States when she was a teenager, thanks to her role of “Allie Singer.”

You probably guessed it: she is the niece of Julia Roberts with whom she acts in the movie Valentine’s day.

Even if her aunt is really tall, Emma Roberts does not measure more than 5’15. But that’s what we like about her.

We appreciate Emma Roberts for her naturalness. Indeed, she knows how to say no to Photoshop.

She becomes the face of Aerie, a lingerie brand that refuses to work with Photoshop.

She likes to show that women are sexy and cool when they are natural.



She made you howl with laughter in “All that glitters” or in “Comme t’y es belle” and you appreciate it because you can easily relate to her characters.

Indeed, she grew up in Puteaux and started her career on TV, behind the camera. Géraldine Nakache was part of the production team of the show “Les guignols de l’info”.

Although she is the sister of the director Olivier Nakache, especially known for his co-realization in “Untouchables”,  she knew how to climb the ladder by herself.

We should note that the film which revealed her as an actress is the first film she wrote.— a real Petite Ambitieuse.

In spite of her significant notoriety and her mother’s role, she also invests herself in organizations such as “Sur les bancs de l’école”. This organization supports families where a child is affected by autism.


How can we about Géraldine Nakache without mentioning Leïla Bekhti?

Friends on screen as in life, they share everything. They even have similar heights.

Although she started her career in the movie industry in 2005 alongside Vincent Cassel, she will be only be known to the public in 2011 in “All that glitters”. She even received for this role the Caesar of “the most promising actress”.

She does not hesitate to use her fame to help others.

Godmother of the association “Cékedubonheure” which helps sick and hospitalized children, she takes advantage of her special relationship with L’Oréal to ask them for help. A collaboration has also emerged thanks to it, 2 € are allocated to the organization for each lipstick bought.

Her generosity and her simplicity make her the great actress she is today. Petite in size but tall by her talent.


We can thank Gerard Depardieu for revealing this actress. While she accompanied a friend on the set of Asterix and Obelix, he spots her and quickly offers a role for “Un pont entre deux rives.”

Her role in “Je vais bien, ne t’en fais pas” offers a Caesar as “the most promising actress” in 2007.

She can go through comic roles to more tragic roles; everything suits her. Her size never prevented her from playing significant characters.

Very close to nature, she co-directs the documentary “Tomorrow” about the future of our planet. She will even be rewarded with “The best documentary film” caesar in 2016. She even became a vegetarian to get into the project.

We love her 100% environmentally-friendly commitment.


She is an  actress, a film maker, a director and, is the perfect example that you can always succeed when you want to.

She was still in school when she began to suffer from several dyslexic disorders which prevented her to take the examinations in prestigious music schools.

A few years later, she teaches drama classes at “Cours Florent”. She revealed a lot of promising talents that like, Edouard Baer, or ​​Jean-Paul Rouve.

Although she has not won a Caesar yet, she had played in the two French films with the most entries: “Les visiteurs” and “Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatre.”

We appreciate her determination, her perseverance and we thank her for the talents, she brought us back to the cinema.

Each of these women has incredible strength in them. A lot of them are more than just a mere actresses. They are real women with different desires and, a strong sense of charity.

None of them let their Petite size get in their way; some even became models.

These 16 women may be Petite in size, but they are Tall with their talent.

You can realize your dreams; it’s all about wanting because your size should not dictate your choices.

Remember that you are your only limit, everything else just requires patience, training and perseverance.

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