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18 Singers who are Petite

You follow them, you love their music but did you know that they too are part of the small community and measure less than 1m63?

How about we get some inspiration from them?


Shakira – 1m57
It was a surprise on our side, but our singer with the famous hips is just 1m57.

We like: Her bold and terribly sexy stage outfits that highlight her movements when she is dancing and her golden or white outfits that light up her skin.

We accept:

We can easily play the sexy card when we are small because the short generally suits us and is not necessarily going to be vulgar on us (unless we push the concept to the extreme of course!)
When you have golden skin, gold, white and warm colors will be fine.
Ariana Grande – 1m53
Ariana Grande-Butera, at the height of her 1m53, was elected in 2016 by the Times as one of the 100 most influential people on the planet.

We like: her look between glam and streetwear and her long hair.

We accept:

Ariana has very long hair but so that it does not weigh down or pack her figure, she often wears it tied in a high ponytail.
If you are thin, crop tops go very well with little ones!

Ariana Grande-Butera, at the height of her 1m53, was elected in 2016 by the Times as one of the 100 most influential people on the planet.

We like: her look between glam and streetwear and her long hair

We accept:

Ariana has very long hair but so that it does not weigh down or pack her figure, she often wears it tied in a high ponytail.
If you are thin, crop tops go very well with little ones!
Christina Milian – 1m57
We’ve heard less about her lately, but this American singer was best known in the 2000s. Today, she gets on TV and tries to refocus on TV. She also co-manages a brand of wines and prosecco with her mother.

We like: His Instagram, which is well fed!

We remember: When we have a beautiful chest, we put it before!

Christina Aguilera – 1m57
No need to introduce this famous American singer with blonde hair. But did you know that Christina Aguilera is 1m57 tall?

We love: its incredible necklines

Remember: If you have a beautiful chest, put it forward. Today there are beautiful lingerie and beautiful bras to help you.

Nelly Furtado – 1m58
At the height of her 1m58, with more than 40 million records sold, Nelly Kim Furtado is one of the most successful Canadian artists.

WE love:

Her short haircut that highlights her face
Her fluid outfits that dress her forms without socking her
To remember:

Nelly Furtado has actually gained some weight recently but rather than hiding it, she assumes it completely!
Fluid fabrics better emphasize shapes rather than stiff fabrics.

Small, rock and quirky
Bonnie Tyler – 1m59
Bonnie Tyler is living proof that you can be small (1m59) and have quite a presence!

WE love:

Her rock n’roll outfits
No relation, but we danced so much on “Holding out for a hero” (Footloose and Shrek) and “total eclipse of the heart” that we had to mention his unique voice timbre.
We remember: Even if she doesn’t sing, we could recognize Bonnie Tyler just by her style. Create a unique style, original and unique to you will be your best passport for life!

Avril Lavigne – 1m57
1m57 of energy! Little anecdote: did you know that this famous Canadian singer also has French nationality?

WE love:

Her smoky eye makeup which provides a nice contrast to her blond hair. While her style has evolved over time, this makeup remains her trademark for the time being.
His tattoos which are a beautiful reflection of his personality
Keep in mind: Your makeup can also become a style element specific to you!

Carly Rae Japsen – 1m57
Carly Rae Jepsen is also a Canadian artist. Very famous for her songs “Call my maybe” or “I really like you” measures 1m57!

We like: It is not always easy to wear fringes, sequins, lamé or leopard, and yet Carly, she dares and it generally suits her pretty well!

We remember: the fringes, the sequins … can make all the shine of your outfit but we can quickly fall into the wrong steps. We try to choose them simple and associate them with neutral colors so as not to fall into the variegated itchy.

Lady Gaga – 1m55
Lady Gaga, her real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, measures 1.55m and is as well known for her music as for her provocative and unconventional style.

We love: The latest looks she’s showing for her latest album “A star is born”. A burlesque side to the dita von teese, elegant but with a touch of eccentricity

We remember: Eccentricity is a style in itself! If you like it and can take it on, go for it. What is certain is that when you have an eccentric look, you are talked about!

Beth Ditto – 1m58
Beth Ditto is an American singer who was known for her indie music she did with her group Gossip. Today she is pursuing a solo musical career. She is also in fashion because she has her own line of clothing which she has dedicated to plus size women. And her 1m58 did not prevent her from being a model for Jean-Paul Gauthier for whom she paraded 2 times!

WE love:

her eccentricity which is reflected in the clothes she wears
The fact that she dares to color
Her dresses which are rather original
We accept:

Just because you’re round doesn’t mean you should only wear black. On the contrary, a little color is good for morale!
The dresses go very well with those who have forms.

Small, classic and elegant
Kylie Minogue – 1m52
This Anglo-Australian singer, whom we all knew in the 2000s with her song “Can’t get you out of my head” is also small since she measures 1m52.

We like: the beautiful long dresses she wears and her white outfits

We remember: white is a timeless, and an essential that goes to any age!

Geri Haliwell – 1m55
Did you know ? The Ginger Spice measures just 1m55. If we knew her for her sexy outfits and high platform shoes, at 46 years old, her dress styles have evolved today.

We love: her multiple talents, her big heart and her look, which even if it is classic, remains very attractive.

We remember: You can be a mom and sporty and still stay stylish! Elegance is also found in simplicity.

Duffy – 1m58
Duffy is a singer from Wales. Her song “Mercy” was on all the waves in 2008. She measures 1m58.

We love: its sober and elegant outfits which reminds a bit of Parisian chic.

We remember: Duffy often wears black dresses. Black, ladies, remains a staple of the wardrobe. It can be neutral, rock, chic or sexy depending on how you wear it.

Jenifer – 1m58
Jenifer, by her full name Jenifer Bartoli, is a French singer discovered by reality TV who is 1m58 tall.

We like: its simple style. No need to be complicated!

We remember: a white t-shirt + nice pants + a pass-through outfit that you can decorate easily.

Norah Jones – 1m55
Norah Jones is an American singer, well known in the 2000s. She is 1m55 tall.

We like: its romantic look

We remember: To play the romanticism card, lace, or light touches of glitter or prints, work very well.

Véronique Sanson – 1m58
This essential French star, decorated and rewarded several times at the Victoires de la Musique and by the French Academy, measures 1m58.

We like: The fact that she stays chic even at age 69.

We keep in mind: Simple but well-worked cuts and good accessories can be enough on their own.

They are no longer of this world but they have made history
France Gall – 1m50
This great French singer, very popular in the 70s, was 1.50m tall.

We love: France Gall has always known how to evolve with the times. From the Scottish mini-skirt, to baggy pants, to the Oversized, she has remained at the forefront of trends.

We remember: Fashion is ephemeral. To stay at the forefront of fashion, you must constantly renew yourself. The style, on the other hand, is timeless!

Edith Piaf – 1m47
Edith Piaf, symbol of French song, was just 1m47 tall. And yet, in addition to having been a great singer, she was also and remains a fashion icon which many still draw inspiration from today.

We like: Its chic and elegant style

We remember: the black dress, a must, a timeless.

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