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5 Petite Women Who Rock In Sport

Sometimes you feel that you don’t have the same opportunities than other people because you are shorter than 5’3.

But that should not stop you. As an example, let us show you 5 athletes who used their Petite sizes as an advantage.

These 5 sportswomen are all different from each other, but they all have one common trait: their short height became their biggest strength.


Sarah Ourahmoune is a 37 year old French women who is only 5’18 tall. She was the champion of the French tournament 10 times and, of the European Union 3 times. In total, her 21 podiums of championships made her the most awarded French boxer.

In her autobiography, she explained how she managed to take enough self-confidence to integrate a male-dominated sport despite her 5’18.

Her inspiring career got her two decorations: the first one as a chevalier of the Legion of Honor, and the second one as an officer of the national order of merit.


This Jamaican sprinter does not measure more than 4’9. However, she is the only athlete to win two Olympic titles and three world titles for 100 meters.

Her nickname as pocket rocket refers to her Petite size and her speed. Despite many warnings about her size being a disadvantage in this environment, she did not let herself be discouraged.

She had worked hard for 7 long years to reach the same technical level as her competitors.

By combining passion and determination, Shelly-Ann became a female sprinter. She also received her own statue in Kingston, alongside other great athletes who wrote the history of Jamaican athletics.


At only 22 year old and 4’7, Simone Biles is no less than 14 times world champion, and 4 times the Olympic Games.

Her favorite fields are floor gymnastics, vaulting, beam, and artistic gymnastics.

The latter allowed her to win 4 gold medals.

Thanks to her prices, she became the only gymnast to achieve such a performance.

For Simone, the key for self-confidence resides in training. Never comparing oneself to others was also one of her strengths. Often illustrated with her famous quote, “I’m not the next Usain Bolt or Michael Pep’s, I’m the first Simone Biles.” Nowadays, Simone inspires many women.


It was not Michelle Kwan’s 5’15 that prevented her from becoming a world champion. This American figure skater, 9 times winner of the United States and 5 times of the world’s championship, has a very impressive award record.

To achieve that, Michelle had to work hard and never lost sight of her goal. Even if today she doesn’t have the gold medal at the Olympic Games, she does not see it as a defeat. Naturally positive, she says: “I did not lose the first place, I won the second one. ”

Work and positivity are for Michelle the two most important factors of success.


At the height of 5’11, this young rugby woman is a hooker. She found her place in a sports environment where the average is 5’90.

In 2010 she joined the French team, and she became a captain in 2014 at the six nations tournament. During this championship, she got her team the first place.

The same year, she got the 3rd place of the world cup but she was also 1st in the France’s championship. The next two years, Gaëlle took part of the shortlist of nominees for the best players of the year.

Passionate, with 69 selections in France team, Gaelle us definitely a winner.

Choosing a sport according to one’s height, is not an end in itself.

The key to success is following a passion that will make you want to surpass yourselves.

Desire, determination, and training are the only keys to success.

Sometimes you will need more time and efforts than the other, but with perseverance, everything is possible.

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