You are currently viewing Interviewing Veronique, our 60 year old Petite Model

Interviewing Veronique, our 60 year old Petite Model

You may have seen her on some of our videos. Her name is Veronique and she gladly accepted to be part of our Petite fashion models. In her daily life, fashion is a topic that she knows more than well because she is a professional image consultant.

Hi Veronique. Can you tell us more about yourself ?

I’m a fashion consultant and offer image consulting for everybody who wants to turn their image into a true communication tool. As you may have heard before, the first impression you make is very important and it holds a well of information about who you are.

When you wake up in the morning, it’s important to be aware of that to pick an outfit that looks and makes you feel good and exactly like who you are, what you do and where you want to go.

Veronique wearing our Passion Coat

What would you recommend then to a 30 year old woman who would like to have more credibility in her professional career ?

I feel it’s important to invest into quality rather than quantity, especially if you are at manager level. When you are around 30 and need to be more listened to, you need to put aside anything that is related to childhood. You should avoid wearing T-shirts with messages for instance. 

However, it’s totally ok to wear a nice quality T-shirt if you pair it with a good stylish blazer. 

Another thing you can do to add credibility to your look is to play with your darkest colors because they remind people of authority, which could be useful if you are managing people.

Staying fit

On the other hand, what would you recommend to a 60 year old woman who’d like to be as chic and elegant as you?

First of all, staying fit is the first tip I could give to anybody. As for me, I try to go to the gym twice a week.

Then, when you are over 60, I feel it is best to add some modernity into your outfit. Pearls, brooches or silky scarves are okay if worn separately, but not altogether. On top of that, I believe it’s important that women over 60 don’t forget about their femininity. Their sizes might have changed but it shouldn’t stop them from wearing adjusted, cinched pieces of clothing. 

Last but not least, adding flashes of colors into the outfit does help to be more chic, elegant and feminine.

Les Petites Ambitieuses en photoshoot

Many Thanks to Veronique, Marielle our videographer and Eric our photographer for making all this possible !

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