You are currently viewing Las Chicas Del Cable: The Netflix Tv Show Of 4 Badass Spanish Women Fighting For Gender Equality

Las Chicas Del Cable: The Netflix Tv Show Of 4 Badass Spanish Women Fighting For Gender Equality


The fiction is based in the 1930s, and at that time, women are far from being free and recognized.

4 young women,Lidia, Marga, Angeles, and Carlota aspire to something else. They want to change the oppressive world around them. They are telecommunication operators in the biggest telephone company in Madrid and dreams of a more independent life.

We love this series not only for its originality but also for the truths it releases.

While being a fiction, this tv show reminds us that women, at that time, didn’t have the same rights as today. Women, like them, had to fight for them so that they could live free, strong, and independent


At Les Petites Ambitieuses, we are feminists, just like our 4 heroines.

Because yes, in 2019, we still need to be. Even though, since the 1930s, gender equality has made enormous progress, it is still not 100% perfect.

We also share their values: justice, independence, equality, and self-confidence.

Through our clothes, we want to give women the confidence they need.

We want every woman to feel good about herself and be strong.

We believe that if more women have the same chance to be given the same responsibilities as men, they will be more self-confident.

It would also help them remember the inner strength they have.

It is to remind the latter that we created our first collection STRONGER.

We dedicated our clothes to women under 1m63, but our values ​​applies to all women.

Ladies, you need to know that you all have, the elegance of Lidia Aguilar, the sweetness of Angeles Vidal, the sincerity of Marga Suarez and the audacity of Carlota Rodriguez.

So do not be afraid to be who you are and fight for what you want!

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