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7 Activities you can do to take advantage of the Lockdown

If we unfortunately cannot control the date on which we will be deconfined, nor the conditions of the deconfinement, we can control what we do with our time.

Time is a precious resource, far more often than money. Also, here are some activity suggestions to help you take advantage of this time and get out of this confinement.

We keep repeating: what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Now is the time to prove it!


Confinement is a good opportunity to sort out your closets seriously. It’s a bit time consuming activity but it will help you a lot later. And that’s good, you have a little time to devote to it.

Take the time to make a real inventory of what you have. Sometimes, with the routine of everyday life, we come to forget everything we have. Empty the cupboards. Check drawers and unopened packages. Treasures may be hidden there!

It is done ?

If so, and you’re confident you’ve put all of your clothes together, you can start classifying them. Group them by type of clothing and by season. If there are clothes you haven’t worn for a long time, ask yourself why.

Does this garment really fit you? Is it your size?
Do you enjoy putting it on?
Does it match the aura you want to emit?
If the answer is yes, carefully store it in your closet. If he needs to be ironed, take the opportunity to give him a quick iron. Ironing helps the fibers to tighten and last longer.

However, if the answer is no, set it aside. This will allow you to have a better overview of what you really own and to have only clothes that you adore in your closets. You will have more fun dressing in the morning and be more productive.

As for the clothes you have put away, do not throw them away! You can either give them away, sell them, or turn them into other useful items. And if they really are in a very bad condition, take them to a textile recycling center.


If you have clothes that you love but are ripped, take the time to fix them.

There are many tutorials on the internet to teach you how to repair a button, make simple seams by hand, fill a hole in a garment. We have selected two to help you.

If your garment suffers from pilling, you can also use a small device to remove them.

Obviously, for this to be worth doing, the fabric must be of good quality and support repair. If most of the time was made in a good fabric, it is a little less the case today with Fast fashion. Also, your clothing may not be saved. This brings us to our third point.


It’s a skill that will help you all your life. In fact, the more quickly you will be able to see if the garment you are buying is of good quality, the more you will get better deals and have fun wearing it.

Your wallet will be better, although you may have to pay more at the start to buy the item. However, in the long run, you will probably save money because a quality top or pants will last longer. You will have less to buy back. When you do the math, you will come out on top.

Finally, a well-cut garment in good fabric is simply more comfortable to wear. And when you feel beautiful and well in your clothes, you shine and your happiness index increases.

To develop your “quality flair”, do not hesitate to download our e-book “Dress for confidence when you are little”. We give some of our best tips. We also regularly post advice on the blog or our social media so take a look at it from time to time.


If we advocate natural beauty a lot, we know that a little makeup can sometimes help, especially when we are small.

When you are little, you often look younger. Also, a good foundation, a well applied mascara and a radiant lipstick can help blur the childish air that we can sometimes have.

Of course, you don’t have many people to go see right now. So, one might be tempted to say that it is not worth putting on makeup. However, it’s a good time to experiment with new types of makeup and learn new techniques! If you miss, no pressure: no one will see you. And if you catch the helping hand, you will be able to reproduce it perfectly and faster the day you need it!


We all know that heels shoes are the best friends of petite women to gain a few inches.

Also, if you have a little space at home (one hallway is enough), you can practice walking elegantly with heels. No matter your size, if you are a model, you will be able to look away from whoever you want.

Choose heels in which you feel good and practice your approach consciously. Seek to grow when you walk. Contract the abs. Stand straight and look ahead.

If you feel that you are in control, go to the next step: go down the heels without looking at the steps!


What if you took advantage of confinement to finish your bedside book? Reading helps develop memory, revives the imagination and helps you relax.

You can also learn many things from books. There are books on self-confidence, motivation books, books for learning new skills. We make some suggestions below.

And if you’re more interested in thrilling stories, we suggest the following books. The heroines of these novels are Petite women!


Finally, confinement is also an opportunity to take time for yourself. That’s what we did on our side. We asked ourselves a bit to be able to return to the block as soon as the deconfinement.

Take the opportunity to cook and eat good food. Certainly, taking vegetables and drinking milk will not make you physically grow (unless you are still in the growth phase of course), but eating well will do a lot of good for your body.

And since we are tea fans, we took the time to make and enjoy it.

We hope this little list has given you some great ideas. We wish you good luck and see you soon!

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