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Do Short women face more difficulties when pregnant ? Testimonials and advices

Pregnancy is an important event for a woman. If most of the time, it is a real source of joy and happiness, it can also be a source of concern when it is your first pregnancy.

And when you are a short woman, sometimes you can’t help but ask yourself a few questions on the subject. Will my child be shorter than average? What will I look like after the ninth month? I probably have a smaller pelvis than normal or large women. How will the baby get out of my womb? Is it going to be more painful because I’m short?

According to scientists, being short has an impact on the duration of pregnancy.

Scientific studies have been carried out in the Nordic countries (Finland, Norway and Denmark) on 3485 future mothers to learn more about the causes which can influence a pregnancy.

With these studies, researchers want to find the causes that can lead to premature pregnancy. Indeed, babies who are born prematurely are more likely to suffer from health problems. The more we know the causes, the more we are able to act on them and prevent complications.

The hypothesis that has been raised and that the scientists wanted to verify is the following. Women who are short tend to have smaller than average uteri, which can limit the growth of the fetus.

In these studies, a direct link between the height of the mother and the duration of the pregnancy was actually highlighted. As a matter of fact, it seems that short women do tend to have shorter pregnancies.

However, this study also shows that there is no real correlation with the length of delivery, the weight of the baby or the size of the baby. These elements is rather linked to the genetic heritage of the parents.

And here’s the proof. Marion is a 5’2 tall woman. Yet, she gave birth 6 years ago to a beautiful baby weighing 4 kg 310. She told us about her incredible story.

Short and pregnant woman

Testimonial: I am short. Yet, I gave birth to a big healthy baby.

A perfect and serene pregnancy

” The pregnancy went really well. I had no nausea, no dizziness. Absolutely nothing on that side, I was lucky to have a perfect and serene pregnancy and that is what I wish for everyone.

As far as I am concerned, being short during my pregnancy never really raised any problems, except of course when it came to maternity clothes. I had to make a hem all the time but I was already used to doing that.

What is a little disturbing and stressful is that you feel yourself getting wider and bigger and it’s kinda funny. The baby makes its place and therefore the belly does the same. It can be quite impressive I admit. You would think it’s not possible, that the baby can’t go through but it can !

If anything, some people can easily misinterpret the situation since we generally look younger than we are.

Doctors estimated the baby’s final weight at 4 kg 5. I obviously didn’t believe it. And to be honest, I didn’t really realize what it could mean. I had no idea or frame of reference, because it was my very first pregnancy.”

A long and difficult childbirth

“The birth started well: everything was looking pretty good! Childbirth by vaginal route (with epidural) was approaching.

Except that… after several hours, my cervix remained open at 8 cm. Baby’s breath was starting to wane, and he was completely turned. He no longer had his seat position.
Panic on board in the room: They called in the emergency gynecologist to make the decision whether or not to operate. The verdict came fast: they needed to make an urgent Cesarean …

It was the icing on the cake. I hadn’t even considered this for a second. For me, not being able to give birth naturally felt like a total failure.

I cried of disappointment. They took to a new room, far from my husband, the only source of comfort I had. Then, they tried to reassure me, but nothing really helps … Afterwards, they told me that the baby will be there within 15 to 20 minutes but my mind was not reactive. In the end, the caesarean section lasted 45 long minutes. The baby went out but I couldn’t see or hear him.

At this precise moment, I admit that I only needed my man with me but that was not possible, for the next 2 hours … After a few minutes, they bring me my son, but I was so tired that I couldn’t react. My son was only able to suck on my nose for a few seconds before he got carried away for more care. Everyone around me thought it cute … Not me, I was still in my daze.

A few hours later, I pick up my two men, including my son who came out at 4 kg 310 without any problem, in very good health.”

My advice to expectant mothers who are apprehensive about the moment

” My son looked like a baby born a month ago. Everyone in the maternity ward thought he was a cute chubby baby. As for me, I was happy but I definitely didn’t feel like having a second one after this experience.

6 years later, I understand why the cesarean was needed, and I thank them, because thanks to them, everyone is doing very well. I have absolutely no regrets.

If you are an expecting short mother, do not underestimate yourself. Listen to yourself and your body. Do not listen to what people say about sizes, about putting on weight, it can spoil a pregnancy (I had gained 12 pounds and I used to be complexed by my body.). A pregnancy should be a happy moment to live.

Besides, the desire to enlarge the family after 6 years has returned. And I’m pregnant again, ready to live this experience again!”

pieces of advice for Petite Pregnant woman

Being short and pregnant: what should you be aware of to enjoy your pregnancy?

Relax and get rid of your misconceptions

As studies have shown, it is possible that there is a real link between a short stature and shorter pregnancies. Also, it’s important to do frequent health check-up with an experienced doctor. Of course, this applies to any future mother, but as we say, it is better to prevent than to cure.

By the way, being short doesn’t mean your child will be too. Of course, the chances are great but not systematic. In addition to that, the father’s genetic heritage also comes into play.
Opposite is not necessarily true though. According to a quick survey we did on our Instagram account, 36% of the short women who answered said they have tall fathers.

Then, be aware that your hip measurement does not necessarily have to do with your ability to give birth naturally. What matters is the internal width of your pelvis. You may very well have wide hips but a narrow pelvis and conversely, have narrow hips and a pelvis large enough to smoothly deliver the baby. If you have any doubt about your own situation, just ask your doctor.

Of course, as a pregnant woman, you will gain weight. And in general, pregnancy tends to look a little more impressive with short women because the belly can become pretty big proportionnaly to your stature.
However, remember that there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman and your spouse will for sure find you beautiful no matter what.

Some useful tips for pregnant women

Adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Eating a healthy, regular and colorful diet is important for your health and the growth of your child to come. Also remember to stay hydrated during pregnancy. Drinking water stimulates transit, eliminates toxins, prevents urinary tract infections, constipation and helps maintain beautiful skin.

Stay active!

Staying fit and active will help maintaining the abdominal and perineal muscles, stimulating blood circulation and preventing back pain. In addition, it will allow you to relax and keep your spirits up. However, do check with your doctor which sports are recommended and which ones are not.

Take a break

If you used to be a workaholic or to take care of everything in the house, now is the time to take a break and relax. And feel free to put your companion to work! With the influx of progesterone into your body, you will feel more tired and will want to sleep. It is not easy to give birth to a new being, which is why it is crucial to spare your efforts.

Nourrish your skin

Your skin, especially that of the lower abdomen, will become tensed and stretched. If you are lucky, you have an elastic skin that will return to normal with a few exercises. However, if this is not the case, your skin may be strongly marked after childbirth. Also, to avoid this, remember to moisturize and nourish your skin with creams or oils adapted to your skin type.

Make yourself comfortable in maternity clothes

Being comfortable in your clothes remains important, even when you are a pregnant woman. Unfortunately, we do not have any good recommendations for petite-friendly maternity wear. If you have any, feel free to leave a comment with the brand name.

The most suitable solution still remains to make hems. Not everything will be optimal in this garment. However, since these are clothes that you will not wear much in theory in your life, this is a compromise that may be acceptable. Otherwise, you can tell us in this questionnaire what you would like as clothes for a Petite pregnant woman. If we have enough answers, maybe we will think about creating petite-friendly maternity clothes?

Whatever happens, pregnancy is a happy event for you. Live it as you feel and enjoy this moment because it is unique and will undoubtedly be unforgettable.

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