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The Benefits of Slow Life

Nowadays, everything seems to be going fast.

You can travel from one place to another in a couple of hours.

The latest news reaches you within the time it takes to tweet, no matter where you are. With one click, you can order a meal from the best restaurant in town. With Instagram, youtube, messenger or zoom, you can live chat even if thousands of kilometers separate you.

Globalization and social networks definitely brought progress into our lives. They allowed us to have access to new and crucial information and to react quickly to dramatic situations.

They made communication between very different populations easy and possible. They also unlock access to incredible training that would otherwise be inaccessible. And finally, for those who love travel and discovery, a world of wonder opens up.

However, recent events have also shown us the excesses of these accelerated lives.

Slow Life: Slow down to better savor each moment

What if all the recent events that took place was a call to slow things down?

In this fast-paced society, might not it be time to step off the gas?

That’s kind of what the Slow Life movement advocates.

Enjoying life at a slower pace

Slow Life is all about adopting a lifestyle that encourages you to take the time to better appreciate things and the moments of your everyday life.

And that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to completely change your habits. Because radical change never goes well with any long term benefits anyway.

Practicing slow life can actually be very simple. For example, you can simply take a few more minutes to cook and enjoy seasonal food. That’s Slow Life. You can also simply treat yourself to a little decompression walk after work and before returning home. You can also decide to devote 15 minutes of your day to meditation. 

As you can see, there are many ways to integrate slow life habits into your life.

And since we are on the subject, let us introduce you to Tipii.

What is Tipii’ ?

Tipii is an application and a website that allows you to create photo albums from a phone, computer or tablet. Their goal is to help you capture the good moments and share them with your loved ones in a very concrete way.

Thanks to the cameras integrated in our phones, we take thousands of pictures everyday. But, how often do we take the time to actually sit and think back to all these good times?

Les Petites Ambitieuses et Tipii

Tipii, in its own way, fits well into the Slow Life movement as it allows us to reconnect with this experience.

2 formats are currently available on their platforms:

  • A 12 page format, which can contain up to 48 photos, for 10 €.
  • A 20 page format, with 60 photos maximum, for 15 €.

Delivery is free in Europe and the album takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

If you enjoy the concept, stay connected to our social networks because we have a nice surprise for you in partnership with Tipii coming up soon !

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