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5 Sports In Which Being Short Is An Advantage

Being short is not necessarily a disadvantage. Besides, in a previous article, we highlighted 16 perks of being short.

Today, we present to you 5 sports for which being short is an asset!


As surprising as it may be, being short can be a real asset when rock climbing. Indeed, Petite body means smaller skeleton and lighter weight. In a sport where the goal is to go higher and higher, defying gravity is a plus. Speaking of gravity, the center of gravity when you are short will also be closer to the wall. This allows you to find your balance faster

As a Petite climber, it will be easier for you to grab small holds. In fact, your hands and feet are also generally smaller. The foot-hand reconciliations (when you have to climb higher) will also be easier for you because your foot will have less distance to cover.

All your life, you have been used to climbing everywhere. Whether it is to grab a package from the top of a supermarket shelf or the cardboard that you put on top of your closet, jumping and being ingenious to reach the heights is your forte.

And if that’s not enough, Lynn Hill, one of the most popular women in the world of climbing, is just 5″2 tall.


This is probably obvious to many of you. Gymnastics is known to be a sport in which Petite women tend to excel.
And this is not due to chance. The shorter the gymnasts, the more likely they are to go far in the competition.

Their physical composition allows greater flexibility. In addition, a small body is inevitably lighter. This comes in handy when you have to jump and whirl in the air.
Finally, a small figure also requires less energy to lift and make figures flexibly. You are therefore likely to last longer than others for the same series of exercises.

Simone Arianne Biles, a famous American artistic gymnast is 4″8 tall. She was five-time world champion in the all-around five-time world champion on the ground and three-time world champion on beam. Inspiring, isn’t it?


Figure skating is a discipline in which you often have to jump into the air. However for short women, the center of gravity is closer to the ground. This makes it easier to keep balance, including in jumps.

Likewise, being light makes jumping easier. Axel, stitched loop, salchow, Lutz and Flip: being Petite does not disadvantage you in any case.

And in couple dancing in figure skating, your light weight will make it easier for your partner to wear.


If you like horses, do you have to think about horse sports and more particularly galloping racing? Galloping is the most represented type of race among horse races.

If there is no size restriction, there is one in terms of weight. When you are small, you are often also lighter. In addition, since 2017, to encourage women to embrace the profession of jockey a little more, they benefit from a weight reduction. That is to say, unloading women jockeys of 2 kilos in a race, so that they are more easily selected in competition.

Mickaelle Michel, female jockey of 5″2, explodes the counters and has nothing to envy to the men jockeys.


Being short is an advantage because, with a lower center of gravity, you are better balanced than tall people. This is also why children, apart from the fact that they are not afraid, are quickly good on skis.

If you fall, you don’t fall from the top and you’re less likely to hurt yourself. Of course, being lighter, you may descend more slowly than a taller, heavier person. However, this will not prevent you from enjoying beautiful snow trips.

Yes, in some sports like basketball or volleyball, being a petite woman is not beneficial. But in the 5 sports that we have presented to you, being small is a real asset. And when you have an easier time in a sport, the pleasure also comes faster.

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