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6 Artists Who Humorously Illustrate The Lives Of Petite Women

When you don’t like something, change the narrative. Petite women often have to face stupid jokes. Sometimes, people intentionally want to hurt you but sometimes they do so really unintentionally. What can you do then if not laugh ?

Here are 6 artists who really know how to turn all the things that are annoying when you are a Petite women into the funniest stories. With a lot of humor and self-mockery, these illustrations will make you smile and see life on the bright side.


You probably already know Marie-Lou Lesage!

She has a blog and an Instagram account in which she illustrates her adventures as a short woman.

Through autobiographical drawings, she shares her daily life and exposes us with great humor the advantages and disadvantages of her Petite size.

She tackles several themes of everyday life: car, shopping session with friends, outings, living with her husband, etc …

All these drawings are intended to give self-confidence to Petite women.

To help them to accept themselves, Marie-Lou Lesage also draw about the advantages of being petite

– More legroom in airplanes,

– The ability to lay down anywhere…

So if you need a self-confident booster, check out her Instagram and let you get inspired.

Website  |  Instagram


Andy is the Petite. Yana is tall. Everything seem to oppose these 2 girls. But that’s what also makes this duo so funny and help them create illustrations crossing their view on daily life.

Their difference is their strength.

And it helps to understand that we always need someone smaller than us and taller than ourselves.

Everything is only a matter of perspective and their comics prove it.



If you want to see joy and happiness, have a look at the Instagram account of Three under the rain.

This illustrator illustrates her daily life alongside her husband and their dog Marly.
She shares, through her drawings, all the good things that life brings her.

But she also has a lot of d’un stories to share about her petite Size!

Drawings are in black and white, with à little bit of coloris for the details, such as her red cheeks.

If you’re looking for cute comics, three under the rain seems to be the perfect Instagram account.



This couple from Malaysia is now very famous for their cute and lovely illustrations.

In their comics, Ymei tells us all the pros and cons about being à Petite girlfriend. She talks about the fact that her head can become an armrest for her taller husband, which is something She loves.

Together, they draw about various topics of their daily life, but also of the tropical news of the moments. They take pleasure in drawing what happens to them but also what surrounds them.

They made three books that are now available throughout Malaysia.
They also created stickers, which you can download for WhatsApp.

If you want to meet a fun and realistic comic about being Petite and in à relationship, have a look at their Instagram account.



This  Petite British illustrator  lives with her two Jack Russels, whom she also illustrates in most of her drawings.

Her drawings compose a cute story you can easily follow. On top of that, the anecdotes she shares about her petite Size is so relatable.

If you’re looking to discover a funny and realistic universe and if you love dogs, check out the oh my goles Instagram account.



Like the other illustrators, Cinimomocomics shares posts about her daily life and her Petite size.

She is very natural and Lively and her comics about her petite Size are really funny!

If you are Petite, you will probably recognize yourself when she draws about her adventures in the kid department to look for clothes!

But any women, petite or not, can relate when she draws about:

– the  long hair issue

– candles that fail to catch the tips of the hair

– hair tangle at night…

So, if you want to follow the adventures of a food and sleep lover woman who you would easily identify with, do not hesitate to visit her account.


These artists, through their humor, pencil, and social media, help women understand that they are not alone.

Beyond the fact that they make us laugh, these images are also a beautiful way to be heard and to show everyone what live Petite women.

So, the next time someone makes fun of your size, share some of these illustrations with them!

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