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Short Girls vs Tall Girls : who has it better?

You are short. You know it well. But as we often tell you: being short sometimes has its advantages.

With, a French women’s webzine, we had fun doing a little match because they know what it’s like to be tall. Let’s review together the advantages of a short woman vs a tall woman

1- Is it easier to dress when you are short or tall ?

Tall Girls’ experience

For tall girls, dressing as desired is not so easy! First of all, the most common sizes of clothing are between 36 and 40.

So, if you are not the super slender type, some models are just not available in your size and the choice can be really limited.

Then, there is sometimes a problem with the length of the pants (or skirts) which are often thought of for medium sizes. Finding the right balance between too short and too wide is a common challenge.

Finding a nice pair of shoes for your size can also be a problem when you wear a size 41 or 42.

There are fewer models, but in addition to that, the shoes you flashed often look much cuter in size 36 …

Short Girls’ experience

The advantage of being short is that you can hem the pants and get the clothes altered. This is no fun, but at least, it’s possible which is not always an option for tall girls because they lack the fabrics to do it. And sometimes, you can find some clothes in the kid department. (Again, we don’t recommend it, but shopping at the children’s department is still an option.)

In addition, there are now beautiful fashion brands that make great petite-friendly clothes.

In terms of shoes, short girls almost always have the choice and the shoes are generally quite cute.

Short girls 1 – 0 Tall girls

Petite fashion clothing brand for Short girls, Les Petites Ambitieuses

2- Health level, size also matters!

Life expectancy

Did you know that several studies tend to show a link between size and life expectancy?

Indeed, it would seem that tall people live less longer than short people. One explanation is that the taller we are, the more cells our body has. And more cells means more cells that can mutate and develop diseases.

Bones and joints also wear out faster in taller kids than in short kids.

Villagrande Strisaili, a village in Sardinia with populated with particularly short people, is the one with the most centenarians in Europe.

The physical form

Being tall often goes hand in hand with weighing heavier. Tall people often live with problems with their joints. Some experience a growth spurt as a teenager, with consequences for life.

Likewise, they may be prone to back and posture problems in general.

In addition, their center of gravity being higher, a fall is more dangerous for a tall person.

For this match too, we are tempted to attribute the victory to short girls!

Short girls 2 – 0 Tall girls

Petite vs tall in sport

3- Short sportswoman vs Tall sportswoman

We’ve all heard of David and Goliath. So what about it? Is it more interesting to be short or tall in sport?

Well there is no ready-made answer, it will depend on the sport!

Generally, short women will have faster movements and will be more flexible.

On the other hand, the tall ones, with their long legs, will excel in racing sports (athletics, high jump, show jumping). They also have it easier for all sports using extension (volleyball, basketball) and ground cover (football, tennis).

As for combat sports, since you only fight people with about the same weight, the size differences are rarely very high between 2 opponents. Unless you have very different body frames.

Tall people tend to have more strength because of the larger muscles. Overall, being tall in sports often helps anyway …

Short girls 2 – 1 Tall girls

4 – In everyday life, size is also important …

For short girls

How many times a day do you tiptoe on average? And how many times in your life have you said the words “I’m too short”.

And yes, being short is an asset for some things, but sometimes you regret not having appreciated as it should be the grandmother’s soup. (Not sure it really works though…)

Catching an object on a shelf, attending a concert, tinkering, finding your bearings in a crowd, these actions will often ask you to be resourceful … or ask for help.

For Tall girls

With her tall height, she never needed help to grab the package of pasta at the top of the shelf or to change a light bulb.

She does not miss a crumb of the concert, even if she is not very close to the stage.

If she is about to miss her train, 3-4 strides of gazelle will propel her onto the platform in a flash.

She has never been rejected from an attraction at Disneyland, and certain professions are only accessible for her! Besides, from a job point of view, tall ones often make a better impression in jobs interviews. They are often unconsciously perceived as more educated, independent and powerful. Okay, being tall in everyday life has its advantages.

Short girls 2 – 2 Tall girls

does being short helps to find love ?

5- What about Love ?

We have all heard at least once: “Small is beautiful” and everything that is big….

And, although we don’t like to generalize, several studies show that tall women find it harder to find love than short women.

Why that?

What can be considered an advantage in terms of employment is sometimes less so in romantic relationships.

This image of alpha women that tall women give off can intimidate certain men who consider themselves alpha. Or in any case, consider it to be their role.

Generally speaking, we know that men tend to “be afraid” of women who are too strong and independent. Well, the height of a woman is often directly associated with these personality traits.

Conversely, shorter women are perceived as more mothering, caring and inclined to start a family. Probably because the “intimidating” aspect is less obvious.

Short girls 3 – 2 Tall girls

Victory for small sizes!

Finally, being short is pretty alright, don’t you think?

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