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What Is Self-Confidence ?

Self-confidence is a complicated and hard to grasp emotion. It paralyzes or makes us feel pain when we are lacking it. However, it can also make us glow if we have it. It’s also a feeling that evolves with time. We can feel shy one day and feel self-confident subsequently.

Self-confidence is composed of 3 elements :

  • Self-esteem
  • Action capacity
  • Self-affirmation


Self-esteem is the relation that we have with ourselves. It’s the judgment that we make on ourselves, in terms of physical appearance or social success. If your height, for example, is an element that you dislike with you, it will directly play on your self-esteem.

Self-esteem starts to develop in our early childhood. The experiences we have during our childhood are what defines a large part of our personalities. It’s well known: children are not softy amongst themselves. If, for example, you were often teased over your little height, it’s normal that you feel affected by some reflexions about this subject.

On the other hand, if people never pointed out your height as something weird, it would be easy for you to accept and integrate as an inherent characteristic.


Am I able to accomplish this task? Do I have the competences? Am I a novice or an expert? Our abilities to do things also matters when it comes to self-confidence. The more skilled we are; the more will feel self-confident:

That’s why we generally get  more and more confidence with time and age.

Experience and wisdom are great advisors..


An interaction is an exchange of information and emotions. We nowadays live in society in which dialogue with others is unavoidable.

Besides, the way you communicate says a lot about you and the self-confidence that you possess.

Someone with self-confidence will tend to assert her or his opinions and, listen to others without being disrespectful.

This interaction is essential because it reflects us our own image, the one that we have in other eyes.

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